Dharma Center, a volunteer based organization, exists to share the Dharma — the teachings of meditation, mindfulness and Trikaya Buddhism — and to assist in the Awakening of those who wish to free themselves of suffering.

Our Sangha (community of practitioners) gather in a variety of ways, including:

Public meditation classes

Meditation sessions are open to everyone. In order make the classes accessible for all, tuition is Pay What You Wish. To explore our current offerings, please visit the Classes page.

Sangha Days & Community Time

On Sangha Days, we hold a short community meeting and then have a fun activity. Practitioners share their skills and hobbies, creating an opportunity for fellow sangha members to create friendships and explore the world together. To share your hobby or special skill or if you have an idea for a community activity, please contact the Volunteer Director to be put in touch with our Sangha Social Coordinator, or join us at the next Sangha Day.

Dharma Center is a volunteer based community. Active participants help keep the Center operational through tasks done both in person and online. To help us with our ongoing maintenance or one time tasks, please contact the Volunteer Director at volunteer@dharmacenter.com

Membership Program

Our Members are the primary financial support for Dharma Center. Some members are solely financial contributors. Many visit the online library of dharma talks for self study without ever going to classes. Others attend classes and volunteer in addition to being a member. We welcome committed practitioners involvement in all aspects of Dharma Center. The level of participation is at the member’s discretion. To learn about becoming a member, visit our Membership page.

Dharma Center Steering Council

The Steering Council consists of a small group of active supporting Members. Their function is to manage the day to day operations and bring matters which require attention to the Board of Directors. The Steering Council also creates a framework for projects and activities to help Dharma Center support the larger San Diego community.

Uncommonly Fine Life Program

UFL is a small private group of Turiya’s students who push their practice to the limit. This is the pathway to becoming a monk and teacher of Trikaya Buddhism. Sangha members who are active in the Dharma Center community on a long term basis are often invited to join UFL.