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“This is the best place for meditation and learning a modern and relevant interpretation on Buddhism.” 
~ Frank

“The Dharma Center teachers are amazing, the atmosphere is so meditative, you feel like your in a contemporary Tibetan monastery. The energy brings you into meditation effortlessly. Dharma Center is by far one of the best places to meditate in San Diego. You come in curious, you leave shifted and uplifted.”
~ Swami Brahmanada

“The teachings [at Dharma Center] are helping me grow spiritually. The teachings are understandable and “real”. Each time I attend a teaching I come away with a greater understanding of how to be in the world as a happy, peaceful, loving and accepting human being.
I come away with new tools to help transform myself. It is difficult to describe yet if you are looking for a place to grow spiritually and want to learn to be a happier being, this is the place.
~ Mary J. Basile-Filler

“Wonderful warm place to learn and practice meditation and mindfulness, which helps make everyday living more joyful.”
~ Lee M.

“What a great place to start. Dharma Center is where I first encountered Light, an experience that transcends ordinary experience. There are several teachers, each with their own unique approach to share. If you are asking questions about yourself or life’s meaning, Dharma Center is a place to begin this journey.”
~ George Morton

“I live in London and if I could I WOULD travel to Dharma Center each week – Luckily they offer online classes which are just as effective. This is the fastest path to JOY that I’ve found and believe me when I say I’ve been seeking for decades now. Glad I finally came across it!”
~ Dr Jayshree Patel

“From the moment I walked in the door of the Dharma Center, all feelings of pretentiousness, and structure that made me feel a bit of unease at other locations was nowhere to be found. Comfort at once. Belonging without having to try, to say the right things, dress a certain way, etc. I’ve found my clubhouse. I’ve found a place where I want to go, not where I feel obligated to go. I am getting to finally have that sense of community that I have missed while I was struggling through my own meditation practice, alone. Whether you have practiced meditation for a long time or just starting to journey through your own spiritual buffet, I highly suggest you stop by and take a bite of what Dharma Center has to offer. I hope you find it as refreshing as I have.
~ Erin Gates

“I have been attending classes regularly here for 7 years; I love it!! There are several teachers, each with their own unique style. Most classes consist of a short meditation, a dharma talk (about mindfulness, working in the world, dealing with other people, attachments, etc.) and then a slightly longer meditation (~10-15 minutes).
They have open meditation hours as well. It’s a fairly small, very high energy space, with really grounded, friendly people. It’s focused on the practical aspects of meditation and mindfulness, not so much on ritual or esoteric aspects. Definitely worth checking out!!”
~ Dr. Alison Coil

“I really loved my recent meditation with Turīya. I knew meditation was helpful for depression and anxiety, but meditation with Turīya was kind of magical. The world stopped and I experienced the amazing feeling of unity and peace. It’s as if the world snapped into a balance, I didn’t have to be anywhere or do anything, I felt at home.”
~ Tara

“Times are interesting right now, that’s for sure. So I decided to look within and take a different approach on life and what’s going on around me. I came across this meditation center in OB. I reached out to them to tell them a little about me and what I am searching for. Due to Covid they are not able to have in person classes. So, I was directed to the online zoom classes. I wasn’t sure how this was going to work out, as I am very much so an “in person” type of person when it comes to these practices. Much to my surprise the zoom class was great! The practitioner was fantastic and new to giving zoom classes! I highly recommend joining these online meditation classes. It made me feel full and light! I will be joining again this evening. I feel we can all use something healing and a way to direct stress during these crazy and scary times.”
~ Traci Edwards

“Wonderful energy and a variety of different meditations offered. I highly recommend!”
~ Deanna Driscoll

“This is the best place to begin, or continue your spiritual journey. The Dharma Center teachers have a lot light to offer. I have meditated there for several years and will continue to do so as often as I can!”
~ Satolah