Sangha Community at Dharma Center!

Sangha Days are an opportunity to spend time with your spiritual community. We have a Sangha Social each month to promote community cohesion.  Sangha Days are typically scheduled for the 2nd weekend of each month. Please check the calendar for our next Sangha Day.

By being active in the San Diego Dharma Center sangha community you will learn how to open your mind to states of unreasonable joy. All things grow from the attention placed upon them. By focusing the mind on gratitude or the beauty of a tree or flower, beauty and gratitude within you grows. Everything changes, and the mind rises into states of happiness, peace, and unity. 

On Sangha Days, sometimes we go to the movies, or take a walk on the beach, or share a meal together. Being part of the the Dharma Center community is a means to discover the deep joy and peace within you. Are you ready to become happier and brighter each day? 

You can participate in Sangha Day in person. Please join our mailing list for a meeting reminder.

Please check our schedule for the next Sangha Day.

We also have Volunteer Opportunities available to help care for Dharma Center.

The tasks to run Dharma Center allow you to practice and learn a variety of skills on both the physical and subtle levels. To help develop our subtle levels of attention, we need a project in the physical to talk about and work on. Dharma Center is our community project. It is a place where our awareness grows through the attention we give it. Connecting with sangha members provides an opportunity for personal growth as well as career growth through refining the deepest parts of your being. All while having fun!

We have a tasks, both large and small, in need of committed, caring individuals. Our sangha community are both local and non-local to San Diego.

Some places we currently need help include:

  • Social Media memes and posting
  • Excel / Database
  • WordPress & website development
  • Marketing

We also welcome you to join our Small Service Opportunity list. This is for people who cannot make an ongoing commitment but would like to help out with one-time small projects randomly. These small projects are both online and in person and typically take only 5 or 10 minutes to complete.

Dharma Center needs the positive attention of the entire sangha. She is your garden, your meditation hall. We welcome local and long distance gardeners. 😀

Want to get involved sooner? Contact our Community Director via email: for the next ride of your life!