Dharma Center Teachers

At Dharma Center, students are invited to sit with a variety of teachers who provide their perspectives based on their own spiritual practice. Dharma Center teachers have received extensive training in meditation and mindfulness, and offer classes on the evolving practice of Trikaya Buddhism in their unique way. Teachers are also students and continue to learn and refine their skills on the pathway to Enlightenment, for the benefit of all sentient beings.

San Diego Dharma Center Meditation and Mindfullness Teachers

We encourage you to view the teachers at our meditation hall as part of a larger mandala. Some students gravitate to one teacher, while other students enjoy sitting with all of the teachers and select classes based on schedule. We encourage you to explore your options and discover what works best for you.

Turīya Dhara

Turīya’s teaching style involves spontaneous discourses and meditation empowerment. In meditation, she shares with students a blissful, peaceful state of Mind, which is the esoteric part of our practice that is beyond words. This is the traditional way of teaching meditation, where it is shown by the teacher holding their mind still. Each week, she also provides dharma talks that include practical tips for incorporating spiritual awareness into daily life. Through the power of meditation and applied mindfulness, Turīya shows us how we can move through rapid transformations that expand our awareness of Light and our awareness of what it is to be here in this world right now. Learn More about Turīya


Ekajati promotes the balance and harmony of mind, body, spirit. In addition to teaching meditation, she uses her Master’s degree in Integral Counseling Psychology to bridge Eastern and Western science of mind for a holistic approach with clients at MayFrogTherapy. Ekajati has a black-belt in Aikido and is a yoga instructor, using breath, proper alignment, and poses to deepen into the mind-body system. Ekajati’s mind-body practices develop power, balance, and wisdom to support one’s ability to be compassionate, joyful, and kind. Learn More about Ekajati.

Varada Maa

Varada has been studying Buddhism and other Asian philosophies and spiritual teachings for many years. She has also been exploring various practices related to Meditation, Mindfulness and Managing Energy for well over a decade.  As a teacher at Dharma Center her main focus is on utilizing these teachings and practices for self-healing. Learn More about Varada


Nandi began his spiritual path with Rama over 25 years ago. After spending time on his own, he re-connected with the Lineage. He brings a sense of joy and humility to his practice and to his classes. Learn more about Nandi.


Mahashanti has been practicing meditation and mindfulness at Dharma Center for over a decade.  She offers a class on how being a parent opens up new pathways within spiritual practice, and how meditation and mindfulness support parenting.  She is excited to connect with others to explore the ways in which aligning parenting and meditation can propel us into greater awareness, groundedness, and joy.  Learn more about Mahashanti.

Kauyumari Tonglen

Kauyumari Tonglen met Rama in the1990’s and became his student. He is now sharing all he has learned via Zoom at Dharma Center. Join him for meditation and Tales of Power! Learn more about Kauyumari Tonglen


Teresa has studied many of the great spiritual masters, including the teachings of Buddha, Yogananda, Gangaji, Yogiraj and the Theosophical Society. Although she continues to learn from life and by study, she has found her true resonance with the dharma presented by Rama in both his essence and teachings. She dives deep into the realm of using sound to expand consciousness, and with great joy she leads meditations for others at Dharma Center. Learn More about Teresa