I am greatly fortunate to have met my spiritual Teacher, Rama, over 25 years ago. Unfortunately, I was not the most diligent student and made some poor choices. Having magical experiences is great, but not the whole of the path. Not that I didn’t continue to gain a great deal; we make decisions at every moment that affect our lives profoundly, so I had some awesome life lessons.

Fortune smiles on me again. I re-connected with Turīya and she invited me to Begin Again at Dharma Center. I’ve been coming to Dharma Center regularly for the past few years, and my practice has come back to life and light.

This last November, on our Day of Dharma, Turīya bestowed on me the spiritual name Nandi. As I’ve come to familiarize myself with Shiva’s bull, the name has some insight into my current character. There’s also a great deal I can learn, to emulate this mighty warrior. “Power restrained by heart,” Turīya said.

A sangha mate asked me what my perfect day would be. I find spending time with my sangha, shining our light is exactly that.

There is so much bliss in meditation, and in our natural state. I want others to see and experience their own light. Please join us for some meditation time and find out for yourself!