Pay Tuition

Dharma Center is financially supported through class Tuition and Memberships. Tuition is Pay What You Wish, where you set the amount. Paying for meditation instruction is an exchange of gratitude that sends a message to yourself and Eternity that your practice is important to you. We accept tuition payments through:

Credit Card (Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Link, CashApp)


Zelle online banking:

Beginning in 2024, all Tuition and Membership donations are now tax-deductible as charitable contributions. Please check with your tax professional for details.

Tuition vs Membership

Tuition is an offering in exchange for meditation instruction. Membership creates a connection to our community, either as an active participant or passive supporter. Most of our regular students pay both tuition and membership dues.

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Please note: We are unable to offer refunds on memberships or tuition payments.

What Do you Mean,
Pay What You Wish Tuition?

In a world of uncertainty and turbulence, we’re being moved to respond to suffering in a big way: Classes with optional tuition.

Not everyone who meditates is interested in Enlightenment; however everyone can benefit from meditation.

Meditation and mindfulness practice:

  • increases awareness,
  • improves concentration,
  • decreases stress,
  • slows aging,
  • develops personal power,
  • teaches us acceptance of ourselves and others.

If you find value in our classes we encourage you to attend meditation sessions as often as they can and pay what you wish, even if that is nothing.

Dharma Center is undertaking an experiment in radical generosity, and it’s success depends upon you.

The tuition collected for classes helps pay the rent and insurance for the room, both physical and virtual via zoom. Our expenses also include teaching supplies, informational handouts, music, furniture, advertising, and office supplies. Memberships also help pay for these expenses. To keep costs down, we have wonderful Sangha Community who help run Dharma Center.

We rely on an Exchange of Gratitude to finance our center for meditation, Trikaya Buddhism, and self-discovery.

The Exchange of Gratitude concept means that people understand the need to pay for a place to explore the teachings because it provides an important benefit to their lives.

A spiritual discipline helps you develop personal power. Without a stable base on which to build, spiritual progress is unlikely. To rise above the suffering of the world and enter into the higher mind states, a certain amount of power is required. To go beyond all mind states and enter Samadhi, even more power is needed.

Utilizing your personal power appropriately, that is spending energy and money on the things truly important to you, are the first steps towards serious spiritual development. 

Paying for your spiritual practice is one small way to send a message to yourself and Eternity that your practice is important to you.

For those of you who are ready to make an ongoing commitment to your spiritual practice, we invite you to also join our community as a Dharma Center Member. Please see our class handout or visit our Membership Options page. Members receive special benefits, including access to recordings of past dharma talks and private events.