Living in Ocean Beach years ago, I walked by Dharma Center and decided to try out a class on a whim.  I immediately saw how the teachers engaged with students of all levels, providing the exact right support to meet each student where they were on the path.  The lightness, joy, and support of the Center were abundant.  I began attending classes every week, started my own daily meditation practice, and have been doing so for over a decade!

After having a child, I had to alter my meditation practice to make space for a sweet, needy baby at first and later a funny, exhausting toddler.  It took me several years to realize that we can and should bring *everything* in our life onto our spiritual path, even sleep exhaustion.  🙂  Meditation is not separate from the rest of our life.  Meditation, mindfulness, and parenting align in a unique way that can be used to propel ourselves along the path and deepen our understanding of both ourselves and the world.  Please join me for introductory and intermediate meditation and mindfulness classes where we will explore the ways in which having a spiritual practice can support our parenting, and how the act of parenting can deepen our spiritual insights.