A Temple is Born – The Rebirth of Dharma Center!

On this day, February 9, we are engulfed in the shifting of energy from the pushing of the solstice to the pulling of the equinox. Here in the northern hemisphere, this is the time of the coming of the Light. Today we and the larger maha-sangha of the Rama Mandala Lineage celebrate the birth of our root teacher Rama, and of enlightenment here in the west.

Today we are also celebrating the rebirth of our meditation hall. We have chosen Rama’s birthday as our official re-launch day because without Rama, we would not be here. Dharma Center is now a tax-exempt Temple, with a new name: Dharma Center of Trikaya Buddhism.

What Does This Mean?

We have embraced the specificity of Trikaya Buddhism in order to better serve those who are drawn to this particular path. Through this act, we are building a foundation for the generations who are yet to be born to find and follow this pathway to Enlightenment. In short, we have created a new form of Buddhism and a new Lineage.

Dharma Center of Trikaya Buddhism is one jewel within the larger Rama Mandala Lineage. Rama, and the mandala of teachings he offered, is a vast ocean encompassing many different approaches to Enlightenment. Rama inspired many of his students to teach and offer the wisdom they earned walking their path. Our way is not the only way. Much like what happened after Milarepa left the body, each of these teachers has their own lineage, their unique pathway, birthed from Rama. The ways to approach Enlightenment are as varied as the individuals upon this earth. When reaching the more intense aspects of spiritual discovery, it is important is for students to find the one pathway to which they can commit and follow into the Light.

Practitioners of Trikaya Buddhism are not evangelists. We are not interested in recruiting anyone or convincing anyone to meditate. Rather, we are here to invite to the Path those who are drawn to Buddhism but have not connected deeply with more traditional schools. Our practice is simple and practical, yet profound and powerful. The pith teachings of our school can be found on TrikayaBuddhism.org. We welcome all who wish to explore the Light to sit with us. If the teachings of Trikaya Buddhism resonate, we encourage you to become involved with the Temple at a deeper level.

What Happens Next?

Membership dues, tuition, and other gifts to the Temple are tax-deductible beginning February 1, 2024. Please speak to your tax professional in regards to your specific situation. *Do NOT claim anything on your 2023 taxes, as our tax-exempt status begins in 2024!*

In the next week, we are changing hosting providers. Our website and emails may be down for a day or two, but we will do everything possible to be up and running as soon as possible.

A new logo reflecting our new name is being rolled out. Special thanks to Marc of MarcArt who created our new logo. A practitioner sits inside the wave crashing around her. The wave of Samsara dissolves into the OM, symbolizing Nirvana. She is meditating, calmly centered on the Path in the swirling energy, as Samsara and Nirvana become One.

Our marketing and fundraising efforts will increase to allow those who are seeking to find us. While we are automatically tax-exempt now, we have taken the extra step and have filed for registered 501c3 status, which will qualify us to accept grants. However, most of our funding will continue to come from individuals like you. Please see our Tuition page for ways you can support Dharma Center of Trikaya Buddhism.

Classes and events will continue as they have for the past 25 years, with each teacher offering their unique style. You are welcome to join us for meditation and dharma talks with all of our teachers. Please also join us for our next Sangha Day, where we come together as a community to work on dharma projects and have fun.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Bright Blessings,

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