Sangha Social Fun

Members of our sangha share their skills and hobbies, creating an opportunity for sangha members to create friendships and explore the world together. To share your hobby or special skill or simply an idea to have fun together, please contact the Volunteer Director to be put in touch with our Sangha Social Coordinator, or join us at the next community meeting. Check below for the next Sangha Social Fun time!

Cozy Story Time with Victoria

November 18, 2023 at 2:00pm – in person & online

Cozy up with your favorite blanket at home, or bring your own to Dharma Center and listen to a sweet story read by Victoria. This Sangha Social is offered in person and online – click here for the Zoom link.

Tea Time

Check back for our next Tea Tasting with Hathor (online only)
Register early for Tea Time to get the materials needed for the best experience. Tea Ceremony Items To Prepare:

(Items are optional and help to provide an optimal interactive experience.)

1. Tea set – tea pot & tea cup(s). If you don’t have these handy you can use a ceramic mug.

2. Tea tray – to help catch overflow of tea water. See example. A serving tray works too.

3. At least 3 different blends of tea – loose leaf tea is ideal. You are welcome to bring your own loose leaf tea or you can purchase the tea package we will be sampling online together. These teas do contain caffeine, therefore if you are abstaining from caffeine please choose 3 floral/herbal teas without caffeine to try at the ceremony.

Here is the link to purchase the Oolongs we will be tasting (*please purchase early as the tea is shipped from Taiwan):

4. Tea towel or hand towel

5. A pot of hot water. Depending how much tea we make be prepared to brew another pot of water if needed during the session.

6. A large empty bowl or pot to empty the 1st infusion of water from the teapot.

7. A clear and open mind, and a happy heart

Have an idea or want to host a Sangha Social? Contact