Membership via PayPal

Access to the Members portal may take up to 48 hours to initiate when using this page to register. If you have not received an email with directions about accessing after 48 hours, please contact to let us know.

We are unable to offer refunds on memberships or tuition payments; however you may cancel at any time by going into your PayPal account. You will continue to receive Membership Benefits for the remainder of the period for which you paid.

Monthly Membership

For those who prefer to set up their Membership via PayPal instead of credit card, please use this page to select the monthly Amount first, then click Subscribe.

Monthly Levels

Annual Membership

We also have annual memberships, which in addition to monthly memberships, are available on our Members Oasis. To sign up for an Annual Membership via PayPal, select your support level below FIRST, then click the payment method of your choice. This will be a one time payment, and will NOT be automatically renewed.

Please sign up directly on our Members Oasis to take advantage of automatic renewals. You may also join by check or via online banking; see below for details.

Please Select Your Membership Level

Please note: Beginning in 2024, Dharma Center is now a registered non-profit Temple. You contributions are tax-deductible. Please consult your tax professional for advice.

We are a Volunteer-run organization dedicated to making your world a brighter and happier place by offering classes in meditation and mindfulness. Thank you for your support!

Online Banking Option

You can also use your online banking and choose your own pledge amount. Pledges of $35 or more per month are eligible for membership.

To make your Monthly or Annual Membership Pledge through your own bank, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Sign up for Online Banking through your bank or credit union.
  2. Log into Bill Pay (or however it is termed by your bank.) Add new payee:
    Dharma Center of Trikaya Buddhism
    5059 Newport Avenue, Suite 303
    San Diego, CA 92107
    Fill in your name, and check the Automatic Payment and “Monthly” for the How Long question
    For the Category/Memo please enter: Monthly (or Annual) Member Pledge
  3. Email to let us know about your pledge so we can add you to our member list and send you email invitations to member only adventures.

If your bank participates in Zelle, payments can also be sent to – if you are making an ongoing Membership contribution, please be sure to email us so we can give you access to the Member Oasis!

Thank you for supporting Dharma Center!

To make a one-time contribution of any amount without being registered as a Member, please use this link to pay with credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Link, or Cash App

You can also use to make a one-time non member contribution via PayPal.

Or, use your online banking to send a gift with Zelle to