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Dharma Center exists to share the Dharma — the teachings of meditation and mindfulness — and to assist in the Awakening of those who wish to free themselves of suffering. Our meditation hall and community of members provides a sanctuary from the turbulent world, where students at all levels can deepen and refine their connection to Light.

We believe self-discovery is not about idolizing some unobtainable ideal, but rather spiritual practice is about discovering our divine nature and becoming the highest, most authentic expression of Light possible. In short, the Path is about becoming who you really are.

Established in 1998, Dharma Center is based in the Rama Lineage and each teacher has earned the wisdom they share through their own experiences on the Path. Teachers offer their own style, which provides students the opportunity to find a teacher with whom they resonate. Rama, who taught meditation practice to thousands of Americans in the latter part of the 20th century, initiated an extremely diverse group of students into Buddhist practice. Dharma Center continues this tradition of diversity through its teachers. By drawing upon the wealth of spiritual teachings they received from Rama and other great masters from ancient times to the present, Dharma Center teachers offer an eclectic and unique approach to spiritual discovery.

Dharma Center is a privately owned, volunteer-based organization dedicated to spiritual growth. We are not affiliated with or financially supported by any other organization and rely completely on the money collected from class participants and members.

We work to make classes accessible to individuals from all walks of life, which is made possible due to our generous Supporter Members. To become a Member and enjoy the additional perks and special access of Dharma Center, visit our Membership page.

We welcome you to join us at class and in our mission to Awaken, one moment at a time.

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We are a privately owned, Volunteer-run organization dedicated to making the world a brighter and happier place by offering classes in meditation and mindfulness. Your gifts, tuition and Membership dues help us keep our doors open. Please note: Dharma Center is NOT a charity. Payments and contributions are considered private gifts. Thank you! Gifts of any amount can be sent securely via PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/DharmaCenter

30 Second Meditation

Let your eyes soften and gaze at the ocean.
Let the sound of the ocean quiet your thoughts.
Let all distractions, both inner and outer, pass by like the rolling waves.
Rest in the stillness within you.


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After Awakening, one realizes there is not two. There is no individual self, although it may appear that way.

All of the physical experiences continue as before, except there is the wisdom of "not two" and hence suffering is not suffering.

There is a demarcation point between Awakened/Enlightened and not, where everything is the same except it is not. There is no doubt about Enlightenment... it's no longer an intellectual understanding. It just is and always has been.

While one may dip into this and return, at a certain point, the coming and going are no longer separate.

This does not mean learning and deeper awakening stops; Enlightenment goes on forever.

The certainty of self is gone, so there's no going back and no one to go back to.

I am not a scholar; this has simply been my experience related in the flimsy guise of words.

- Turīya
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The bigger the goal, the more we have to allow ourselves to change into the person who can achieve that goal. So the question becomes not about the obstacles blocking the goal, but rather: do I want to be that person?

- jenna sundell
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"The Valley Loop is a walking meditation. Away from the crowds, taking in the forest, the river, and the solemn granite walls at the pace of your own feet, the world slows and quiets. Listen to the gentle chatter of the birds, watch the tops of the pine trees sway in the breeze, and breathe in the smell of sun-baked pine needles underfoot. To one side, Bridalveil Fall tumbles into a cloud of mist. To the other, El Capitan stands proudly, watching over all. This is serenity." ... See MoreSee Less

The Valley Loop is a walking meditation. Away from the crowds, taking in the forest, the river, and the solemn granite walls at the pace of your own feet, the world slows and quiets. Listen to the gen...

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