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Everyone deserves joy and peace of mind. YOU are worthy of joy and peace of mind.
It’s easy to get lost in stress, sorrow, anger and fear. Dharma Center offers classes in meditation
and mindfulness to help you discover and stay on your Path.

Here you will find a group of committed Volunteers who run the Center in order to keep tuition ridiculously low. Dharma Center Members enjoy community, laughter, and learning, both at Dharma Center and on retreats. You are welcome to join us in the practice of Self Discovery at whatever level fits you.
This is meditation for people who live and work in the world.

Join our next meditation and mindfulness class, and discover how you can live a happy, high life today.

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December Newsletter

In case you missed our December Newsletter, Calendar, and the monthly tip, you can find it on the link below.
This month’s tip is a short teaching on what to do when things don’t work out the way you expect.

December 2015 Newsletter

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Happy Holidays!


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November Newsletter

In case you missed our November Newsletter, Calendar, and short teaching, you can find it on this link:

November 2015 Newsletter

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Elemental Pyramid Meditation

Explore an Intermediate Meditation technique designed to bring you into deeper silence and awareness of your Being and the connection with all that is.

Saturday, Novemer 14, 2015
2:00pm to 4:00pm

You are welcome to bring an offering in a white envelope for Isis; however this is not required. This workshop is being held in celebration of Isis’s birthday, and is her gift to you.

Prerequisite: A basic understanding of meditation and mindfulness. If you have never practiced any type of meditation or mindfulness technique before, please attend one of our other classes first.
In Beginning meditation, we are becoming comfortable with the idea of stopping to sit still during our busy day. Our focus is simply to make time to be still.
In Intermediate meditation, we seek to improve the quality our time in the stillness so we can more deeply touch the infinite silence within our being.
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October Newsletter

In case you missed it in your email, here’s the October Newsletter:


The recent lunar eclipse so close to the Fall Equinox drenched us with power and the potential to uncover our deepest Light. Perhaps you had the opportunity to watch as the red washed over the moon, dimming the sky. Then the Light burst through, peeling back from the edge until the bright white light reflected perfectly by the full moon illuminated the sky.
The experience of the lunar eclipse is a wonderful metaphor of our practice. There are many days on the Path where the world seems dark, as if a heavy shadow has fallen over us. Through the internal work of meditation and self inquiry, the attachments that keep us in the dark reveal themselves. Each time we let one of them go, Light peels back the covering, allowing Awareness to emerge and shine.
Right now is an…[READ MORE]
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Meditation with AgniKala

Join us on Saturday, August 22, 2015 for a Meditation with AgniKala
2:00pm at Dharma Center

AgniKala is the artist behind the beautiful Rama Thangka and his projects include wonderful meditation videos published on The Network Tribe channel on YouTube. He was also a speaker at the Sweet 16 Unity Celebration.

Please join us for meditation and discussion with AgniKala

Meditation with AgniKala


Give yourself 6 minutes of meditation with this lovely video by The Network Tribe:

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30 Day Lift-Up Challenge

A friend on Facebook created this wonderful challenge. Please join in & share this page with a friend!

LiftUpChallenge-Yoko Ono


August 1 – 30, 2015

30 days negativity free. Inspired by not saying anything negative about others. Feel free to include yourself and situations. And share here positive outlooks and experiences. (We’ll save the discussion of struggles for the end) this is not a nothing bad is happening in the world head in the sand experiment. It’s simply a way to bring awareness to the good and our own reactions! Invite a friend 😉

“Let go of judgement.
Be absorbed.
Let go of judgement about judgement.
Be absorbed.”
~Rama, from “Spiritual Absorption” available from Rama Meditation Society

Join on Facebook here!

Or, use the comments area below to share your experiences.

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Retreat Schedule Added!

Retreats, or as we like to called them by a more accurate name, Power Trips, are a wonderful way to bring your practice up to a new level.

The amplification of power to your practice begins the day you begin setting aside money to attend. Money is the symbol of power in this world. What we spend money on sends a clear signal to the ego that this is important, that going on a retreat with spiritual friends is worthy of our attention.

Here at Dharma Center, we work hard to keep retreats affordable and we recognize that advance notice is necessary for most people, so we’ve put our heads together and developed a retreat schedule for the next 12 months.

We’ll continue adding classes and workshops throughout the year. And we’ll add more events that will be only for current Members.

Take a peek at our upcoming Power Trips and begin planning your next jump into deeper levels of Light!

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Lightsaber Academy & Master Flynn

Special Thanks to last night’s guest teacher, Master Flynn Michael, who offered a wonderful teaching on Jedi Meditation and how we can discover our Path through stories of heros.

Please support his work by visiting his website, www.LightsaberAcademy.com and learn about his upcoming book, The Unauthorized Lightsaber Primer.

Master Flynn also appeared on San Diego Living this morning – enjoy the video!

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July Newsletter

In case you missed our monthly email…
(FYI – the email is much prettier! Join our Mailing List to get yours next time! :D)

Dharma Center Newsletter           July 2015

Our path is one of exploration and freedom. We practice meditation and mindfulness to tame the mind so we can open up to all that we really are. We recognize that one face has many expressions, just as Light is expressed in a myriad of forms. As we embrace this truth, we become more accepting of all the parts of ourselves and more tolerant of all the beings in this world. With the deepening of our meditative explorations, we see our own reflection in the tree, the flower, and in the people we meet.Rama gave us many excellent gifts, and perhaps the most wonderful is the insistence that we not just blindly follow him. He constantly encouraged us to play with the teachings and follow the practices to see where they would lead us. He showed us by example to discover our own unique path and to give ourselves completely to Truth, not based on what he said, but based on our own experience.This wonderful gift has blossomed into a Lineage that encompasses teachers who have developed their own methods for sharing Light. While we have always embraced the diversity of our tribe through the wide variety of styles taught by Dharma Center teachers, we are expanding our offerings to include visiting teachers from our Lineage.

We could not have asked for a better candidate than Master Flynn to kick off our Visiting Teacher program! He is a real life Jedi, who founded the Lightsaber Academy in New York City. Read on below to learn more, and be sure to mark your calendar for his one and only class at Dharma Center on July 7 at 7pm. You’ll want to arrive early for this one, as space is limited.

Along with the rest of the country, Dharma Center will be celebrating freedom this 4th of July weekend, with a class July 4 at 11am with Isis on Liberation and a class on July 5 at 11am with Rosleen on Guided Meditation for Self Healing. Be sure to take a break from the beach to come sit with us!

Thank you for being a part of our community and for helping us share meditation with the world.

We look forward to sitting with you soon!


Meditation Classes

Tuition $10
(only $5 for Dharma Center Members!)
All classes welcome adults at every level of experience, including beginners
Chairs and cushions provided.
Tuesday, July 7, at 7pm – ONE NIGHT ONLY
Jedi Meditation Mechanics with Master Flynn, the New York Jedi
Thursdays at 7pm
Meditation & Dharma Talk with Teresa
Saturdays at 11am
Practical American Buddhism & Meditation with Isis
Sundays at 11am
July 5 – Guided Meditation for Self Healing with Rosleen
July 12 – Meditation, Aikido and Yoga Talk with Hathor
July 19 – Self Discovery and Meditation with Lakshmi
July 26 – Guided Meditation for Self Healing with Rosleen
July 12 at 2pm
Learn how you can help shine the Light.
Can’t make the meeting, email Volunteer@DharmaCenter.com
to find our how you can help today.
& Introduction for New Students* 
Tuesdays 6pm to 7pm
Drop by to sit for 5 minutes, or an hour anytime during OM
*Arrive at 6pm for free brief introduction to meditation
Private Sand Play Yoga Sessions
Explore your inner wisdom through the sandbox with Lakshmi

“Among the things you can give and still keep are
your word, a smile, and a grateful heart.

– Zig Ziglar

Jedi Meditation Mechanics

What do Martial Arts, Stage Fighting, and Cosplay all have in common?
Jedi Meditation, of course!
Master Flynn will be taking time out from his busy schedule of promoting his upcoming book, The Lightsaber Primer, and his work with Hasbro to demonstrate lightsaber techniques at ComicCon, to offer a very special meditation class on Jedi Meditation Mechanics.
Space is limited, so please arrive early.
Tuesday, July 7 at 7pm
tuition: $10

Membership has Benefits!

Dharma Center Members experience the community of fellow seekers, whether they live near or far, by supporting a sacred space where everyone can learn and practice meditation. As a Dharma Center Member, you’ll receive email invitations to join with your sangha to celebrate the spiritual life at member events. These special events include desert trips, mountain retreats, movies, local meditations, and other powerful adventures into Light with your spiritual community.Members also have access to our Members Library filled with CDs, DVDs, and books from a wide range of practices and perspectives. And Dharma Center Members receive a discount on class tuition!By becoming a Dharma Center Member, you help provide the main financial support for our little meditation hall that has served thousands of students over the past 16 years. We are the only fixed physical location that offers classes rooted in the Rama Lineage, and we need your support to keep our doors open.

Every gift of time or money connects you to a long line of Light-givers. These are people who make the world a brighter and more beautiful place through their actions. You can become a modern Boddhisattva by becoming a Dharma Center Member today.

To make it easier to join, we are now accept credit cards at class and we have a PayPal option on our website; simply select your membership level and click to pay for the year, or sign up for our Monthly Pledge Membership. Check out our Membership Options now!

*Monthly Pledge Option is available only through our website. A PayPal account is not needed; simply sign up with your credit card and select the “Make this Recurring” checkbox on the secure PayPal screen.

Volunteers Keep the Center Running

In addition to providing an opportunity for career growth, volunteering is a wonderful way to cultivate personal growth. Mindfulness can be a difficult practice, especially in the beginning and when the people you spend time with do not practice. If no one you associate with on a regular basis can feel your mind state, it’s easy to pretend that you’re being mindful when you’re not. You may be the happiest one in your group, but could you be happier? That is the next challenge for you… to believe in and manifest the possibility of becoming even happier and brighter. Join our Volunteer Team and find out how high you can go!
We’re looking for volunteers to work in the office and from home. Visit our website to see a few areas of our current greatest need: www.dharmacenter.com/volunteer
Attend the next Volunteer Meeting on July 12 at 2pm, or contact Hathor, our Volunteer Coordinator, to learn about even more opportunities:
Dharma Center is a privately-owned, Volunteer run organization that exists in order to make the world a brighter place by teaching people how to be happy and productive while living and working in the world.
Thank you for your support!
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Jedi Meditation – One Night Only!

Jedi Meditation Mechanics with Master Flynn
A Discourse on the Force
Tuesday, July 7 at 7pm

Tuition: $10 / $5 for Dharma Center Members

What do Martial Arts, Stage Fighting, and CosPlay all have in common?
Jedi Meditation, of course!



On July 7th, Tuesday evening, come center yourself in the mind of the Galaxy, understand the force behind all nature, reality, Science Fiction and expanded consciousness with New York Jedi’s own resident Tanric Buddhist Monk, Master Flynn.

Since 2005, NY Jedi has been teaching Lightsaber Stage Combat with a slant of Buddhist focusing and meditation techniques that has generated a slew of similarly inspired clubs around the globe, over 300 to date. Master Flynn will be in town to host lightsaber techniques at SD Comic Con, and wants to share them with you at the SD Dharma Center!

“With our Minds we make the world.”   Come enjoy an evening of exploring meditation thru the perception of what some SciFi stories refer to as “The Force”, what ancient texts call The Void, and what all humans feel and respond to as psychic experiences & phenomena, yet all presented in a meditation class setting with a real Grand Master of a Lightsaber School. WHAT?!?!?

No, we’re not kidding.  😀

We will review the Chakra system, movement and control of Pranic or Kundalini life force energy, scientific physiology as it relates to spiritual systems in the body, and outside of it, but in a fun “SciFi” setting.  Comparisons to popular films and TV shows will be used as references to current day examples that reference these ancient teachings of a more civilized age.

If you’re a Dork, Geek, or other sci-fi minded type with a thirst for spiritual knowledge, this is the meditation class for you! You could call it an alternative approach to Enlightenment, from a whole new point of view.

Please also check out his new book’s Kickstarter campaign for the new publication, The Lightsaber Primer. Everything you need to know about starting to train with a lightsaber.


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