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Dharma Center exists to share the Dharma, the teachings of meditation and mindfulness, and to assist in the Awakening of those who wish to free themselves of suffering. Our meditation hall and community of members provides a sanctuary from the turbulent world, where students at all levels can deepen and refine their connection to Light.

Established in 1998, Dharma Center is based in the Rama Lineage and each teacher has earned the wisdom they share through their own experiences on the Path. Teachers offer their own style, which provides students the opportunity to find a teacher with whom they resonate. Rama, who taught meditation practice to thousands of Americans in the latter part of the 20th century, initiated an extremely diverse group of students into Buddhist practice. Dharma Center continues this tradition of diversity through its teachers. By drawing upon the wealth of spiritual teachings they received from Rama and other great masters from ancient times to the present, Dharma Center teachers offer an eclectic and unique approach to spiritual discovery.

Dharma Center is a privately owned, volunteer-based organization dedicated to spiritual growth. We are not affiliated with or financially supported by any other organization and rely completely on the money collected from class participants and members. We believe that self-discovery is not about idolizing some unobtainable ideal, but rather spiritual practice is about discovering our divine nature and becoming the highest, most authentic expression of Light possible. In short, the Path is about becoming who you really are.

Dharma Center works to make classes accessible to individuals from all walks of life, which is made possible due to our generous Members. To become a Member and enjoy the additional perks and special access of Dharma Center, visit our Membership page.

We welcome you to join us at class and in our mission to Awaken, one moment at a time.

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We are a privately owned, Volunteer-run organization dedicated to making the world a brighter and happier place by offering classes in meditation and mindfulness. Your gifts, tuition and Membership dues help us keep our doors open. Please note: Dharma Center is NOT a charity. Payments and contributions are considered private gifts. Thank you!

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30 Second Meditation

Let your eyes soften and gaze at the ocean.
Let the sound of the ocean quiet your thoughts.
Let all distractions, both inner and outer, pass by like the rolling waves.
Rest in the stillness within you.


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We revere the Teacher because they show us what is possible. However it is not the Teacher who saves us from suffering. What saves us is the proper implementation of the Teachings. 🕉

- Jenna Sundell
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Sometimes people forget the spiritual path is happy and fun...
If you're practicing and it's not happy or fun,
then perhaps it's time to do something different.
Instead of trying so hard to be spiritual,
concentrate on connecting with your inner Joy
and create a life that is happy and fun.

- Jenna Sundell
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Mindfulness – The Chinese character 念 is composed of two parts, the top 今 meaning “now; this” and bottom 心 signifying “heart; mind.”

“Mindfulness is the quality and power of mind that is aware of what’s happening — without judgment and without interference. It is like a mirror that simply reflects whatever comes before it.

It serves us in the humblest ways, keeping us connected to brushing our teeth or having a cup of tea. It keeps us connected to the people around us, so that we’re not simply rushing by them in the busyness of our lives.

We can start the practice of mindfulness meditation with the simple observation and feeling of each breath. Breathing in, we know we’re breathing in; breathing out, we know we’re breathing out.

It’s very simple, although not easy. After just a few breaths, we hop on trains of association, getting lost in plans, memories, judgments and fantasies.

This habit of wandering mind is very strong, even though our reveries are often not pleasant and sometimes not even true. As Mark Twain so aptly put it, “Some of the worst things in my life never happened.” So we need to train our minds, coming back again and again to the breath, simply beginning again.

Slowly, though, our minds steady and we begin to experience some space of inner calm and peace. This environment of inner stillness makes possible a deeper investigation of our thoughts and emotions.

What is a thought— that strange, ephemeral phenomenon that can so dominate our lives? When we look directly at a thought, we see that it is little more than nothing. Yet when it is unnoticed, it wields tremendous power.

Notice the difference between being lost in a thought and being mindful that we’re thinking. Becoming aware of the thought is like waking up from a dream or coming out of a movie theater after being absorbed in the story.

Through mindfulness, we gradually awaken from the movies of our minds.”

~ Joseph Goldstein ~
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Mindfulness – The Chinese character 念 is composed of two parts, the top 今 meaning “now; this” and bottom 心 signifying “heart; mind.” “Mindfulness is the quality and power of mind th...

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