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Everyone deserves joy and peace of mind. YOU are worthy of joy and peace of mind.
It’s easy to get lost in stress, sorrow, anger and fear. At Dharma Center you can find the way beyond suffering.

With meditation practices you can access your personal power for balance and clarity. With mindfulness training you can learn to appreciate every moment of your daily life.

Here you will find a community of students dedicated to spiritual growth, laughter, and learning.
This is meditation for people who live and work in the world.

Join our next meditation and mindfulness class, and discover how you can live a happy, high life today.

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September 2016 Newsletter

In case you’re not on our mailing list, here’s the September Tip and Newsletter:
Change is unavoidable. On the Path of self-discovery, we welcome change because every transformation allows us a new view, and an expansion of awareness beyond the limits of the current self. When things in our world change, the tendency is for us to clamp down on what we have and cling to it out of fear and uncertainty. As practitioners, we can instead observe this tendency and then consciously open up to the new adventures life presents to us.

Change can be a gradual process, or it can come all at once. This month at Dharma Center, we have both types of change happening.

As some of you may already know, for some time Lakshmi has been concentrating on building her own business, where she can share her wisdom and techniques independently of Dharma Center in a more fluid manner. As she becomes more involved with Integrated Meditation Studies, she will focus less on Dharma Center. Fortunately for us, she will continue to teach her monthly class for now. Please read more about Lakshmi’s new ventures on her website.

Here at Dharma Center, September will bring a sudden schedule change and the birth of #randomOM.

We’ll have a new class on Tuesday evenings, where Ros will offer her Guided Healing Meditation. We’ll also start evening classes at 7:15pm and Saturdays at 11:15am. This extra 15 minutes will make it easier for people to get to class after work during the week and after yoga at nearby studios on Saturdays. Our monthly class with Hathor and the Volunteer meeting will be now offered in tandem at a new time, beginning at 1:30pm for class and the volunteer meeting at 2:35pm.

These new times were at the request of our students. If there’s a time or day that works best for you, please let us know. It’s challenging to meditate in this busy crowded world, and we want to make it as simple as possible for you to join us.

To learn about #randomOM, please see our announcement below the calendar, and also note the last call for the desert in our Membership section.



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New #randomOM – Open Meditation

Beginning in September 2016, instead of offering Open Meditation at a set time each week, we will open the Center at random times for you to sit in meditation, or to learn a little bit about the practice and what we do at Dharma Center. We invite you to test your psychic skills to figure out when the door is open!

In case you haven’t developed that part of your being yet, we’ll put the sidewalk sign out with an invitation. We will also announce Open Meditation via our social media channels with the #randomOM tag. Follow us on Twitter@dharma_center and on Facebook: DharmaCenterMeditation Be sure to search for #randomOM to see when you can sit for Open Meditation next!

There is no fee to attend #randomOM sessions – you pay what you want!

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18th Birthday Pot-Luck Pool Party

Dharma Center’s 18th Birthday Pot-Luck Pool Party!

Saturday, September 24, 2016
1:00pm to 4:00pm

We are excited to announce plans for our 18th birthday party!

We have secured an El Cajon neighborhood clubhouse, complete with a full kitchen, air-conditioned room, billiards tables, and a pool with hot tub, for our use to celebrate 18 years of sharing meditation with the public.

There is no charge for this event, since the location is being provided for free. You are welcome to bring a gift for Dharma Center, along with flowers and balloons to add to the celebration, but that’s not required.

Please bring your favorite food to share for the pot luck meal.

Family and Friends are welcome to attend!

We will have our regular Saturday 11:15 am morning meditation class at Dharma Center,
and then meet for the party in El Cajon at 1pm.

Please RSVP to Jenna@DharmaCenter.com no later than 9/20/16
Location details will be sent to those who rsvp

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Skype Class!

We’re expanding our practice group to include Sangha members who do not live in San Diego by offering a class via Skype!

September 24, 2016 at 11:15am (PST) with Isis
Practical American Buddhism – methods in applied mindfulness you can use today!

In addition to the the discussion, this one hour class will include group meditation practice.

See below to register.

Attendance via Skype is limited to 24 and a webcam is not required. We will be broadcasting live from Dharma Center, with other students in attendance in person.

This is a new technology for us, so we welcome your input.

Please download the Skype app to your computer, tablet, or phone from the Skype website and create your account BEFORE you purchase your class admission, and make sure you sign in and join the Skype discussion before class begins.

Once you’ve made your payment via PayPal (all major credit cards accepted, no PayPal account needed),
you’ll be taken to a page with a link to the class conversation. Click on the link right away to add this conversation to your Skype account. On the day of class, you’ll just need to sign into Skype and it should connect you to Dharma Center.

IF you have any problems, please contact Isis via EMAIL at least 10 minutes before class is scheduled to begin.


To reserve your spot in our next class via Skype, use the PayPal button below:
September 24, 2016 at 11:15am (PST)
Tuition: $15


PLEASE NOTE: Class tuition is non-refundable. Thank you!


Previous Skype Classes:

August 13, 2016
Spiritual Growth & Emotional Bypassing

During this discussion on Practical American Buddhism, we will cover the phases of spiritual growth and the pitfalls of emotional bypassing. While meditation and mindfulness lead us out of suffering, they are not an escape from pain and pleasure. In fact, as we progress we become more sensitive and must learn how to move through this increased sensitivity in order to reach higher levels of consciousness.

Comments from Attendees:

“The strength of the meditation done via Skype was as strong as the meditation done in person at the Dharma Centre. Distance and timezones don’t matter when you’ve got an experienced teacher to meditate with.”              ~J.P. (London, England)

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July 2016 Newsletter

In case you’re not on our mailing list, here’s the newsletter and monthly tip you missed:

Transformation happens in an instant; however it takes time to integrate a new level of awareness into one’s life. As we walk the spiritual path, it’s important to give ourselves the latitude to incorporate all we are discovering at our own pace. Many people create needless suffering because they tell themselves they should “know better” when they slide back into old habits after a profound realization. What we can do instead is celebrate our awareness of the so-called backslide, since that is proof of the realization. From this place of open acceptance of all that we are, we can embrace our new level of awareness and embody the transformation at whatever level we are capable of in that moment.

This transformation occurs at the individual level and at the community level. The power of the Summer Solstice radiated through our last volunteer meeting, creating a new growth spurt.

As part of our discussion, we talked about how Dharma Center is based on the concept of the Exchange of Gratitude, that teachers give their time and wisdom while students return the gift by practicing the teachings, and by supporting the teachers and their projects.

We also reviewed the growth of our community. In retrospect, we can say Dharma Center has gone through a few different versions:

  • Dharma Center 1.0 – In our first phase, Dharma Center focused on the jewel of the Buddha. We created Dharma Center to share the magic and miracles of Rama, and celebrate the Buddha-nature within each of us. All we really cared about was pure meditation, and sitting with anyone and everyone.
  • Dharma Center 2.0 – Over time, our focus changed to the jewel of the Dharma, and the value of the Teachings. We began charging class tuition to help students understand the importance of participating in the exchange of gratitude, and to show that the teachings have a concrete value. The students who continued with us through this transformation took the teachings more seriously and their spiritual lives blossomed in a very grounded way.
  • Dharma Center 3.0 – We are now on the cusp of rolling out the newest version of Dharma Center, with a focus on the Sangha, the community of practitioners. While the Path must be walked by each individual, we are blessed to have the company of other serious and fun-loving practitioners who wish to develop and refine their love of Light.

As part of our transformation, we will be incorporating ways to make Dharma Center more sustainable to ensure the community will continue far into the future. Our current balance sheet shows us operating at a $2470 deficit for the year. (Please keep in mind at this point as a privately owned company no one is collecting a paycheck, which keeps our annual costs very low compared to other organizations.) To help with the rising costs of our expenses, beginning August 1, there will be a small tuition increase to $15 per class /$10 for members. We will also begin offering a 30-day Unlimited Class Membership of $80 per month, which will give access to all public classes with no additional tuition plus all the benefits of Dharma Center Membership.

Teresa will be taking over Membership renewal notifications and help continue developing our Membership program. Most of our financial support comes from Memberships and also our retreats and social events are designed for Members, so this is a key piece for us both financially and as a community. Please keep an eye out for emails from Teresa in the near future. Read on below to learn about our most recent Member adventure.

During the volunteer meeting, we experimented with video conferencing through Skype, which expanded the opportunity for more volunteers to share their voices and visions about the future of Dharma Center. We will continue to broadcast our monthly Volunteer Meetings free of charge to encourage more community participation. Please update your email profile to include the Volunteer list to learn how you can dial-in via Skype for our next meeting, or drop me a note and I will add you manually.

In addition to our price adjustments and new membership level, in August we also plan to begin offering at least one meditation class each month where people can join us live via Skype video. This will allow us to extend our reach beyond San Diego and welcome those who live out of town to our community of practitioners.

Thank you for indulging me by reading this very long newsletter. I promise next month will be shorter! I am thrilled about the transformations I am experiencing within my own being, and even more so with the transformations I am seeing in our beautiful spiritual community.

All of us at Dharma Center are ready to make this next leap, and we hope you are ready to join us!

We look forward to sitting with you soon!


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Virtual Class – Phone in to Meditation!

Teleconference Class

Martial Arts & Meditation with Hathor
Sunday, July 31 at 11:00am

Dial 641-715-3670
Enter Access Code: 754934

It is free to call in; however donations to Dharma Center are gratefully accepted.

In addition to Hathor’s discussion about the relationship between martial arts and meditation, there will be two short meditation sessions. The sound quality of the music through the phone is not very good, so you may want to meditate in silence, or have your own music prepared. (Please mute your phone so your music and other background noises do not bleed through into the call!) Stay on the line, because the discussion will continue after the second meditation session.

You can also attend this class in person at Dharma Center. Tuition is $10 or $5 for Members.


Practical American Buddhism & Meditation with Isis
Saturday, June 11 at 11:00am

Dial 641-715-3670
Enter Access Code: 754934

It is free to call in; however donations to Dharma Center are gratefully accepted.
There will be two meditation sessions, a one-song meditation (approximately 4 minutes) and a three-song chakra meditation (approximately 15 minutes). The sound quality of the music through the phone is not great, so you may want to meditate in silence, or have your own music prepared. (Please mute your phone so your music and other background noises do not bleed through into the call!)

This teleconference class is offered as part of an ongoing series sponsored by the Rama Meditation Society. Visit the RMS website to learn about more teleconference classes and all the excellent events and resources they offer, including meditation music.

You can also attend the class in person at Dharma Center. Tuition is $10 or $5 for Members.
*Please note Dharma Center is Not a registered charity; we are a privately-owned volunteer run organization which relies on gifts, tuition, and membership dues from private individuals in order to serve our community with meditation and mindfulness classes. Thank you for your support!
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May 2016 Newsletter & Tip

In case you missed the May newsletter, you can read it here.

This is the Tip for May from Isis:

Balance is such a delicate thing. In an ever-changing world, balance cannot be maintained by standing still. Unless we want to constantly be doing the proverbial face-plant, we have to roll and flow with the shifting landscape of human experience.

The ego loves continuity, and it will work very hard to create the illusion that everything is the same today as it was yesterday. However, all of life is in flux, so sooner or later, we notice that things are not the same. This realization can feel like the rug has been pulled out from under us. Sometimes we notice the change is external in the form of our friends, family or environment, while other times we notice it’s we who have changed. 

Often the first response is to lock down and grasp for any bit of control we can. We try to put our space back into the order we know, or we try to convince our friend she is just having a bad day and she should act like her old self. When it’s we who have changed, we attempt to return to old patterns in the hopes we can set ourselves straight. Because nothing ever stays static, these approaches always lead us to misery. 

There is another option. By applying our practices of meditation and mindfulness, we can stop the cascade of thoughts and rest in the present moment. From this quiet space we can become acquainted with this new, unfamiliar reality. As we open to the change and embrace the new adventure, we’ll find it’s much easier to adapt to whatever life has in store for us. And, we may even enjoy the ride!


To have our monthly calendar newsletter delivered, sign up for our mailing list.


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April 2016 Monthly Newsletter

In case you missed this month’s newsletter, you can read it here.

Here’s April’s Monthly Tip:

When the unexpected happens, our body and mind react. If we’ve been training in our practice, then we know to stop, take a breath and act from the heart. This burst of energy that arises when faced with uncertainty can be used to elevate our consciousness, or it can drown us in doubt and fear. It all depends on how we direct the Mind.
When we embrace Light, we feel happy, peaceful, open, and we tend to focus on solutions rather than problems. If there’s nothing we can do in the moment, then this energy can be directed into creative expression while we wait for the time when direct action is appropriate. In our modern, fast-paced world, this is not always a popular choice.
Many people are caught up in the fear projected by the media, which they internalize and customize to their specific issues and then fight in their own private battleground. The best thing, really the only thing, we can do for those lost in lower mind states is to be steadfast in our own practice. We can be a living example of what it means to embrace and choose Light.
While private, individual practice is essential, the Path becomes easier and more joyful when we gather together to practice. In the smiles of our brothers and sisters in the Sangha, we recognize the Light shining into this world.
In addition to attending classes at Dharma Center this month, you can join us via telephone. Through partnership with the Rama Meditation Society, two Dharma Center teachers will be offering free teleconferences. Please see the newsletter for details on how to participate.
You are also invited to step out of the world and experience the relaxation, rejuvenation, and re-connection of a meditation Retreat. The deadline to register for the Arches National Park Retreat is approaching; see the newsletter for details about Membership and our upcoming Retreats.
We look forward to sitting with you soon!
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Share the Light – Share this Flyer!

Please download this flyer and share it on your social media – Thank you for Sharing the Light!!!

Click on the image, until you get the page with just the jpg image,
then right-click to save image to your computer. (On your phone, press and hold the image until it asks “save to device”)

2016-02 flyer

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March 2016 Newsletter

This month’s newsletter contains a tip about gaining energy from trying new things, information about our first drawing for Mu’s latest book, “Walking the Advanced Path,” and details about calling into class on March 5th!

Click here to read this month’s newsletter.

March 5
Using Karma to Your Advantage – listen in to class live!

To participate in the teleconference on March 5, 
call 641-715-3670 and enter Access Code 754934#

Join our mailing list to get the newsletter delivered each month.


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