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We are blessed to have individuals who understand the importance of supporting places like Dharma Center where the public can learn to practice meditation and mindfulness, and where those deeply committed to the practice can excel. We reward those who provide support through annual or monthly dues with Member status.

As a Dharma Center Member, you’ll enjoy the company of sincere spiritual seekers who have a deep love of Light. Dharma Center Members are an integral part of our Sangha. Not only do they provide the majority of our financial support, Members are the backbone of our community. In general, Dharma Center Members are fun, friendly, supportive, and committed to spiritual growth.

If this sounds like you or the qualities you would like to develop, become a Dharma Center Member today!

Dharma Center Members participate at a variety of levels. Some are financial supporters who commit monthly or yearly dues to ensure the continuity of the Teachings. Others travel from across the country to attend Power Trips and other Member events. Most sit together at the weekly classes, sharing their challenges and successes along the Path.

Currently, we offer 2 types of Dharma Supporter


Monthly Pledge

Annual Supporter

All Members receive these benefits:

  • Invitations to Power Trips, Retreats, Special Events, and Member Outings
  • Ability to suggest future retreat destinations and group activities
  • Library Access
  • Tuition Discount
  • Part of the Membership Dues collected each year will be given to these charities (While Dharma Center is not a charity, we have deep respect for the work of non-profits and want to show our support for the important work they do.)

Lions, Tigers, and Bears

This organization provides a sanctuary for majestic animals that have no place to go. On our recent visit, we learned most zoos accept only pure-bred animals. The exotic animal trade often cross-breeds different types of tigers and lions, creating beautiful animals who cannot survive in the wild and that are unwanted by zoos. Without no-breed, no-kill, no-sell sanctuaries like Lions, Tigers, and Bears many of these large animals would be rescued from horrid conditions only to face a death sentence. Fortunately, this local San Diego charity provides a safe, clean home where they can live out their lives with respect and dignity.

National Park Foundation

Many of our Power Trips take place at National Parks. As the only national nonprofit partner to the National Park Service, the National Park Foundation directly supports America’s over 400 national parks by pursuing three distinct, yet interdependent, areas of focus: PROTECTING American’s national parks through critical conservation & preservation efforts; CONNECTING all Americans with their incomparable natural landscapes, vibrant culture, rich history and the transformative community work of the National Park Service, and INSPIRING lifelong engagement with the next generation of park stewards.


Annual Members at the higher levels will receive additional benefits, as shown on the sign-up page below.

Touching the Dharma, even just once, can enrich a person’s entire life, opening them to possibilities they never knew existed.

Every gift of time or money connects you to a long line of Light-givers. These are people who make the world a brighter and more beautiful place through their actions of practicing and supporting the teachings. In addition to helping others discover the wonder, joy and magic of meditation and mindfulness, you’ll have access to our Member’s library filled with CDs and books from a wide range of practices and perspectives. Membership also includes invitations to member only events. These special events include desert trips, mountain retreats, movies, meditations, and other powerful adventures into Light with your spiritual community. You can be a modern Boddhisattva by joining Dharma Center’s group of members!

Please become an annual Dharma Center Member today at the level that fits your budget by following the instructions below. Gifts of any amount are always appreciated.

We’ve now added the option of a Monthly Pledge  Membership for you!


Annual Membership

Please decide on your annual Membership Level first, then click the PayPayl link to pay with your PayPal account. On the PayPal screen, enter the amount you wish to pay. Please note “Membership” in the message field.

To secure your Dharma Center Membership with your PayPal account, use this link:

Or use the PayPal button below.No PayPal account is needed; all major credit cards are accepted. Please select your Membership level first, then click the Pay Now button.

Please Select Your Membership Level

Or, see the bottom of this page to pay by check.

Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable, and range from $5000 to $150 per year.

$150 per year  – Bhakti Devotional Supporter

  • All the benefits listed above

$300 per year  – Jnana Wisdom Supporter

  • All the benefits listed above
  • Download 2 free MP3 recordings of Dharma Talks

$600 per year  –  Agni Fire Warrior Supporter

  • All the benefits listed above
  • One special event 2-hour workshop fee waived

$1000 per year – Raja Supporter

  • All the benefits listed above
  • Zafu meditation cushion from Carolina Morning Designs (please choose your color and design)
  • One Retreat fee waived

$5000 per year – Dharma Protector

  • All the benefits listed above
  • Unlimited Classes for one year
  • One hour private Skype class with Turīya

$108 per year + Volunteer work  – LOW INCOME OPTION – Karma Right Action Supporter 

    • If you cannot afford the membership dues, you can earn part of your membership by giving 2 hours of volunteer work each month.
    • For those who cannot pay $108 per year, we also have a Volunteer Membership which begins after 40 hours of volunteer work within 4 months. Contact Hathor at for more information.

*Please note gift choices are subject to change without notice.

To Join today, please select your Membership level and use this link:

or select your Membership level and click the Pay Now button below. (No PayPal account needed.)

Please Select Your Membership Level

You can also support us via mail. Please make checks payable to:

Dharma Center
5059 Newport Avenue, Suite 303
San Diego, CA 92107

With your check, please include:

Mailing Address
Phone Number
Gift preferences if applicable, and “Membership” in the memo field

Members Event - Spring 2011

Members Event – Spring 2011

Thank You for supporting Dharma Center!

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