As a small child I begged for dancing lessons before I should have known that they even existed.  Throughout my childhood and teenage years I studied ballet extensively and had many experiences in the spiritual realms as a result.  I learned what it was like to “become” what I was doing and totally lose my self in the process.  Being driven to class, I would completely relax and rejuvenate my body by staring at the tail lights of cars ahead of us.   This state of “no-mind” eventually became second nature. The death of one of my fellow dancers at 16 years of age, led me to seek answers about life and death.  As a result, I found and attended a school of metaphysics where I studied many of the great spiritual masters.  I witnessed many life-changing events as well as experiencing a spontaneous healing from pneumonia.

When I moved to San Diego I founded the L.G. Arts Complex, a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching the performing and visual arts to underserved children.  Through the act of teaching I continue to be graced with touching many lives in both the material and spiritual worlds.

I have studied the teachings of Buddha, Yogananda, Gangaji, Yogiraj and the Theosophical Society.  Although I continue to learn from my life and my studies, I find my true resonance with the dharma presented by Rama in both his essence and teachings.  It is a wonderful privilege and joy to lead meditations for others at the Dharma Center.

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