Varada – Rosleen

Borders Bookstore Buddhist.  That describes most of my adult spiritual enquiry.  I’ve read a lot, gone on retreats; attended seminars and classes on Buddhism; gone to workshops on self-discovery and self-improvement; and joined study and practice groups of various sorts.  But I never had a daily, consistent spiritual practice until I came to Dharma Center.

Several years ago I retired early from a long and fruitful career, due to illness. I was sick in body, mind and spirit.  Disease and adrenal exhaustion almost did me in.  I decided that my new full time job was to take care of that fragile body, mind and spirit, selfish as I thought that was.

So I moved to San Diego and delved right into my new work.  I finally had the time, ability and opportunity to pursue all my interests.   Buddhism and meditation were at the top of the list.  Exploring many different schools of thought and practice in and around San Diego I discovered Dharma Center.  While I continue to sample other approaches,  I always come back to Dharma Center because that’s where I learn how to actually live my life on the path of meditation and mindfulness and not just read or talk about it.

Dharma Center gave me the gift of a daily spiritual practice that has enabled me to transform my world into one that is filled with love and light.  In gratitude for this gift, I offer free weekly Open Meditation sessions, which include brief introductory information and practice for newcomers,  and the opportunity to sit in meditation for a few minutes or the entire session.

In addition, I offer the Medicine Buddha self-healing meditation, usually twice each month. In this guided visualization practice, I have combined traditional Tibetan Buddhism healing empowerment,  Qi Gong  breathwork and deep relaxation to promote the healing of body, mind and spirit.  It is my intention to demonstrate self-healing techniques that stimulate and augment the natural healing power within each of us.

Look at our Classes page to find out when you can sit in the next Open Meditation or Medicine Buddha Self-Healing Meditation Practice group.

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