Mystic Party at Dharma Center

October 10 , 2008
Mystic Party – Dharma Center is 10

It is a Santa Ana Fall day on the southwest coast. What is that? The air is crisp with just a hint of change and the colors of sunlight against the trees have subtle orange overtones. The Pacific is the brightest blue that stretches towards the edge of the planet.

As I walk along the cliffs that overlook the ocean I see a few small fishing boats in the kelp beds. The birds fly in chevron, gliding through the invisible air that presses soft resistance against their wings.

Oversized spiders, black cats and jack-o-lanterns are beginning to appear on porches. Mystics are sensing the hues of change that usher in the Fall Equinox. Mystics stalk truth as the seasons change the power grids. Mystics stalk truth everywhere–in the power of the earth’s cycles, in the power of the moment, in the secrets inside of books.

This October 4th and 5th there was a gathering, what I call Dharma Center’s 10 Year Reunion–what most call her 10th year Anniversary. A group of warriors of light gathered, eager to share their new wisdom and light.

Each one attending, and a few discarnate beings only in the subtle physical body, slashed through their history and herstory. That is how it began. Each time we sat together, listening to the truth and teachings of a member of the gathering, we had opportunities to learn. We stalked truth in each other, and we stored truth bites. Then we let go.

Why do mystics stalk truth? Simple. When a moment of power presents itself, we act impeccably. We don’t know when an extraordinary moment will present itself, only that it will. We stalk truth in power, in love, in each moment, so that when the doorway opens, we can slide through into the unknown. It is just what we do. We stalk truth, which is hidden in the most interesting places.

As I enjoy the changes that fall brings, I am thankful for Dharma Center, and for the gathering of mystics who walked on the shiny lines of enlightened awareness!


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