Moonwalk the Razor’s Edge

July 8th , 2009

God Speed, Michael Jackson. We will miss your creations and your entertainment, and your sweet love. I will miss watching you moonwalk the razor’s edge between

realities. “The edge” is the invisible line that is part of the mystic’s way. Balance is the key to the way of the mystic warrior. With body, mind, and spirit balancing along the razor’s edge

the mystic who is ‘on’ moves with impeccability and intuitive grace.

Few walk the razor’s edge. Most are lulled into the mediocracy of the physical world where normalcy

is dictated by human culture which is simply the consensus of a group of individuals. A few explore the possibilities and worlds on the other side of reality. Those few usually drop out of the

consensual reality, and are viewed at best as eccentric, at worst- mentally ill.

Sensitive souls who walk the razor’s edge boldly go where few can. Those few, while living in the physical

world, experience the gifts of limitless awareness. Michael Jackson was such a soul. His moonwalk was a manifestation of the walk along the razor’s edge. It was his life, and the world watched

as he balanced gracefully along the edge, watched as he lost balance and fell, and watched as he struggled to regain balance.

The dance along the razor’s edge is the only dance there is,

for the mystic. In order to create the extraordinary the mystic must reach into the energy of the formless. The greater the creation, the more light and energy run through the artist. The artist

reaches into unlimited and powerful worlds of light. The absorbed energy runs through their being, and they create. Extreme amounts of energy run through their being. As the master artist slips

off the edge thoughts may fall into dark places, and behaviors may tilt into the bizarre.

Mystics know the moonwalk. Few share that walk with the whole world, and even fewer master the

walk that they share. Those few who touch the hearts of millions often suffer as they slip off the razor’s edge. But, Oh, when they dance along the edge in balance, they give us Chills and


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