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I have published two books. Awake in the Dream is a novel that is based

on real experiences of mystic adventures with my spiritual teacher, Rama.  Meditation is mostly an instruction manual that presents 28 simple lessons for readers who would like to begin

or enhance the practice of meditation and mindful living.

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Awake in the Dream

 Transform Your Life in 28 Days

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Writing is my way.   I place writing above all other activities that are practiced by those of us who are seeking truth, light,

awakening.  I personally find writing to be the most important piece of this journey to nowhere. Writing is the most powerful way I have

found to explore my inner worlds, and to sort out my relationship between my inner world and the world ‘out there’.  Writing lets me dig deeply into dark shadows, or slide smoothly over clear

surfaces. I suggest that you write, if you are a student aspiring to awaken.  There

are many types of writing.  All writing is a process that has most value to the author.  The action of writing is a kind of magic, for which there is no substitute.


Journaling is the simple practice.  The audience is YOU.  Your blank slate will be filled with the color and bright worlds that are yours.  Your journals

are private and not for sharing.  Only with that approach can you explore allwhere, freely and without censorship.



writings to share with an audience also provides the author with a magic and outcome that has no counterpart.  As you write, edit, rewrite, and do this again and again, you refine your writing

and your self in the process.  If your intent is expanding self-awareness, then the process of preparing writing to share will magically take you to levels of consciousness that are


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