LynneHi, I am Lynne (aka Lakshmi).  I am teacher and student of Self Discovery. In 1998 I cofounded Dharma Center which is a thriving meditation center.  I live an ordinary life. I am a, wife, mother, grandmother, teacher and friend.

I also live an extraordinary life as a mystic, awakening into soul, and awareness. My attention is focused on Enlightenment.  I studied with an Enlightened Master and several Master Teachers.

Although I have retired from teaching weekly classes at Dharma Center, I still work with students privately and organize retreats. Please visit Integrated Meditation Studies to learn about my latest projects.  My classes are open to everyone. If you would like to study with me in an advanced program you will find information on my Whispers From Samadhi website. For More information click here.

Lynne Miller
B.A. in Psychology
M.A. in Computer Education
Teaching Credentials (multiple including Special Needs and Gifted)
Interfaith Minister
Buddhist Monk

I am providing a new pathway to awakening, which is an integrated meditation technique designed to help people discover their own blocks and harmful patterns.   Contact me for a private session that includes meditation, Sand Play Creation and Exploration.  Click here to learn more about Sand Play Yoga.

Check out my blog at and my website Whispers From Samadhi
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I have published two books. Awake in the Dream is a novel that is based on real experiences of mystic adventures with my spiritual teacher, Rama.  Meditation is mostly an instruction manual that presents 28 simple lessons for readers who would like to begin or enhance the practice of meditation and mindful living.

Click on the book titles if you would like to view an excerpt, or purchase a copy.

Awake in the Dream

Meditation:  Transform Your Life in 28 Days


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