Ride the Waves

Rides the Waves
by Jenna Sundell (2009)

I’ve felt dimensions open and close many times before…however never in my current life have I witnessed so many shifts happening so quickly on such a large scale.

These changes occurring in the inner worlds create a feeling of uncertainty and insecurity throughout the material plane. Most people don’t know why they feel the way they do – so they blame it on the effects, like the economic challenges we currently face.

Human beings enjoy their sense of solidity. The ego works hard to create the illusion of continuity; it makes us feel comfortable to believe the world progresses in an orderly fashion that we can easily understand. In reality, everything is happening all at once. We are infinite and eternal; we are more than the human mind can grasp. The human perception narrows the field, creating the experience of a lifetime within a material form. From this viewpoint, the sun rises and sets each day, and the unseen dimensions holding this perceptual matrix together continually shift into new and interesting patterns.

As spiritual seekers, we study the shifts and changes in our own perception, and in doing so, we begin to be aware of the shifts occurring beyond our small physical being. We can use this knowledge to expand our field of attention by taking advantage of the dimensional changes happening to the earth. Just like dropping a hippo into a lake creates waves, each time a dimension opens or closes, a wave of energy spreads across the material world. These waves hit the people and the waves the people themselves are creating through their own internal shifts, thus causing all sorts of interesting effects as the waves smash into each other, or join into an even larger wave.

This happens all the time; however sometimes like now, the cosmic waves are bigger and more frequent. In these situations, we see massive changes on a global scale. For those of you who are interested in Enlightenment, or just expanding your awareness a little, an event like this is a precious gift. This is the perfect time to master the art of balance. Milarepa and many other Enlightened Teachers remind us that balance is “to be neither attracted nor repulsed” by what you experience.

You plant your feet firmly in your heart, centered on ineffable light, and watch. From this silent space, you know exactly how to act in every situation you face, without attachment. By maintaining your balance, you are able to access the power and wisdom necessary to follow your path no matter what is happening within or around you.

As you practice, you will probably fall on your face a few thousand times. You will probably forget that Eternity is much larger than your ego, and you will spend hours indulging in self-pity or anger or fear, truly believing that it’s all about you. Then, hopefully, you’ll sit down and meditate with your full intent. And perhaps you’ll see the reason you fell on your butt was because the world moved when you weren’t looking. Keep your eyes and heart wide open during these funky shifts.

So far, from what I can see, we have experienced only the very beginning; the dimensions of the inner worlds will continue to rapidly open, close, and twist for at least another six months…maybe longer. Take advantage of this opportunity to work on your balance and all of the skills you’ve picked up from your spiritual practice. This is a time of amazing discovery…enjoy it!

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