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For me, writing is an invaluable part of the Path. Picking up a pen or keyboard allows us to express and discover

the many layers of Self. When we paint with words, we build a container where we can store power from our high experiences, and we can access that power whenever we need to by reading our

journal. Writing can help to clarify the issues we face as we sand down the ego, and it can help us to let go of the dust when we’re done sanding. Through writing, we can see the strides we have

made on the journey. The words we spill on the page can provide inspiration to others when they feel lost in maya. I encourage you to write, first for your own benefit. And when you are ready,

share your words and insights with others.



My teacher gave me the assignment to write about the study of meditation. From this task, Worlds of Power, Worlds of Light was born. Based on a

true story, this little book is about a young woman meeting a Buddhist Master who teaches her the path of self-discovery. It takes you on a journey into the mystery and magic of meditation in the

modern world. Within its pages are the basics of the path, which you can use in your own life. This book can be purchased on or ordered from your favorite bookstore.

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After years of dealing with a chronic illness, and learning how to build a bright, happy life despite the difficulties of the body, I wrote a second book. Peace with

Pain: Your Guide to Life in a Malfunctioning Body offers detailed instructions and techniques for creating your own beautiful life, no matter the circumstances of your body. It is also available

on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle version.

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