Hathor – Hui

Hathor-Arches-134Hui, also known as Hathor, has been teaching and promoting the balance and harmony of mind, body, spirit for over a decade, drawing on an extensive education and training in meditation, yoga, psychology, and Aikido. She began her meditation practice in 2006 under Frederick Lenz’s lineage of American Buddhism where she’s blossomed her studies by using and applying the practices given by an Enlightened teacher. Hui’s practice has taken her overseas to China to work with the children in local orphanages and foster care homes, deepening her belief in positive change for children.

Hui is a 200hr RYT certified yoga teacher who works with clients on rooting in the present moment to feel deeply what is readily available in the here and now. Hui teaches Hatha yoga, which incorporates the energies of the Sun and the Moon, Yin and Yang, the essence in which brings union to opposites. Present moment body-mind awareness with proper alignment techniques uses the body’s innate intelligence to grow and develop a peaceful and balanced relationship with Oneself. She bridges the worlds of light with the rhythm of existence and non-existence to move through the inner workings of the body.

Hui has a MA in counseling psychology from The California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, which bridges Eastern and Western psychology for a holistic approach with clients. Her studies in Aikido, a martial art that cultivates change relationally and situationally develops calm assertive presence in any situation. Hui has been trained and influenced by Rama, Jenna Sundell, Shihan 7th Dan Black-Belt Nadeau Sensei, 6th Dan Black-Belt Wada Sensei, and 6th Dan Black-belt Matsuoka Sensei.

“Hawks soaring in the sky
The clarity of gold light
Out there, in here One”


For more information about Hathor, visit: www.MayFrog.com

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