Unity Celebration Experiences

FullSizeRenderThank you to all volunteers, presenters, vendors, and attendees that made the Sweet 16 Unity Celebration an over-the-top Rama birthday party!!! Check out more pictures on the Fundraiser page.

We had an amazing time, and we hope you did too!

Please share your experiences in the comments below. If you have pictures you’d like us to post, please send them to Jenna@DharmaCenter.com

Keep the fun going; become a Dharma Center Member and join us for our next adventure deeper into Light!

THANK YOU for your support!UnityEvent1UnityEvent2


6 Responses to Unity Celebration Experiences

  1. Lisa Herrera says:

    I had such a wonderful and powerful experience, the entire evening was magical, the people were so kind, inviting and just awesome! I had a beautiful meditation and enjoyed all the speakers! I was in such a high vibration that i felt time stood still.

    Thank you Isis for the invitation, i will plan a field trip with my students very soon.


  2. ebba hansen says:

    Beautiful Tanka of Rama!

  3. James Pham says:

    Nothing is better than being around those you love, have a deep respect and connection, and are united by our Teacher…Many blessings from this very enlightening and empowering event…thank you Dharma Center for hosting…when is the next one? Namaste… 🙂

  4. Michael Hosking says:

    Thank you to all the wonderful speakers through out the evening, it was enlightening and magical!

  5. Angela says:

    Hi Isis,
    Just wanted to congratulate you and Lakshmi on putting together such an outstanding event.
    All of your hard work and effort really showed in how well it went and how well it was attended.
    I am so glad to be a part of the Dharma Center and so thankful for all that you have shared with me over the years.
    Cheers. Here’s to the next 16!

  6. Mary Carrisalez says:

    Thank you Isis for a fantastic party, I am sure Rama was beaming. I had a great time with such wonderful souls, didn’t get to dance much because of my knee, but it will be ready for the next party. I thank you Mike and Rama for being such great teachers. See you soon Mary

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