Sweet 16 Vendors

The planning has taken over a year – to find just the right place, to connect with the best speakers, to

discover a great rock band, to create some nice thank-you gifts for attendees — and to put together a fabulous group of Vendors!  Get your Ticket now!

In addition to the wonderful speakers we announced last week, we’ve also invited a

group of vendors we just know you’ll want to check out.

Imagine for a moment…

  • EnlighTea-logoFresh tea brewing, ready to be sampled — and you’ll be

    able to take some home! Provided by EnlighTea.

  • Free CD’s and information about Rama’s

    teachings, available for your enjoyment, along with the opportunity to support our sister organization, the Rama Meditation


  • Explore Sand Play Yoga — learn what it is, how it can help you advance on your spiritual path, and how you can sign up for a private session.Mystic Buddha 01
  • Find healing relief from LifeWave Patches — hear about first-person experience of what they are and how they work.CrystalGenerator
  • Learn what cobalt blue, quartz, and Metatron’s

    Wheel have in common… Come visit us and see how one’s inner peace gets amplified with Crystalline Generators helping to illuminate the path of planetary well-being!


  • Discover the path of Mondo Zen and get your own serene meditation video to use at home.Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00006]
  • 12 years in the making — “Peace with Pain: Your

    Guide to Life in a Malfunctioning Body” by Jenna Sundell will be finally available! You’ll also be able to pick up signed copies of her first book, “Worlds of Power, Worlds of Light

    at the event.

  • Brocade embroidered by chanting monks in Bhutan…and in the center, Rama radiating light. YES — it’s the rare and beautiful Rama Thangka! An

    extremely limited amount remain; you’ll be able to order yours at the event.

  • Dharma Center will also have a table full of goodies from the closet, including books

    (I told you we love books!), Buddhas, and one very special hand-held prayer wheel.

An event like this doesn’t come along everyday. Don’t miss your chance to celebrate with us!

Purchase your ticket  now to reserve your seat!

Please note: Most of our vendors (including Dharma Center) do not accept credit cards; please bring your checkbook to take advantage of all these wonderful offerings.

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