Sweet 16 Unity Celebration Fundraiser

Happy Birthday Rama!!!

The Sweet 16 Unity Celebration we held in San Diego was glorious!!RamaThangka

Both the speakers who shared their current views and projects, and the guests

spanned all generations of the years Rama taught. It was quite moving to see all aspects combined and represented, and it was a gift for those who are new to our lineage. We had tried to get one

of the newer students to speak, but maybe next time there’s an event like this one will step forward.

New students are finding Dharma Center, and students from all around the world are

having amazing Rama visions and experiences… the magic is still present now.

Because of your support, we will have an advertising budget for the first time ever! We still need to add up

all the funds collected and subtract the expenses to know our final amount, but I know we’ve at least come out positive. This will allow us to reach out into the world, and find those who are

ready to live extraordinary, bright, and happy lives!

Thank you to all of you who attended and supported this effort of Unity and Celebration of Light!
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Enjoy this lovely note from

Rama Meditation Society about the event.

Also, a few of the Rama Thangkas are still available – contact

AgniKala@gmail.com to learn how to order yours!
Mention Dharma Center, and a donation from the proceeds will be given to help keep our meditation hall growing.
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So who’s planning the big event for next year???

Isis on stage IMG_2356   Lakshmi on stage2James on stageLakshmi on stage1TeresaDharmaCenterTable


If you have some pictures of the event you’d like to

share, please send them to Jenna@DharmaCenter.com

A few early-risers made it out to Torrey Pines for a Sunday Adventure!











Others enjoyed morning Yoga near the hotel, and then spent an afternoon meditating at beautiful Point Loma

PointLoma1 PointLoma2 PointLoma3 PointLoma4















Please share YOUR EXPERIENCES on our Comments page!

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Date:         Saturday, February 7,

Time:         5pm to 11:45pm
Location:  Sheraton Harbor Island, San Diego, CA
Dress:       semi-formal / California Chic

We would like to expand the number of students we reach, and that requires additional funding. So we’re hosting the 2015 Rama Birthday Event as a fundraiser to develop a marketing budget

and to celebrate 16 years of meditation classes at Dharma Center. We’ll have a some great vendors

and be sure to check out the excellent speakers who will be sharing their wisdom!


Dharma Center’s 16th anniversary will be on the fall equinox this year. However, we

wish to celebrate not only Dharma Center and all the people who have made our little meditation hall possible, but also our roots in the Rama Tribe. Therefore, we’ve planned the event to coincide

with Rama’s 2015 birthday celebration.

Whether or not you sat with Rama while he was in the body, if you feel a connection to Rama, his teachings, to one of his students, or one of

their students, you belong at this event!

“There’s a strength in unity. Unity is oneness, and oneness is the tribe. …As you work together, as you meet together, as

you meditate together, then you’re going to create something rather perfect. …To create such a perfect oneness that once again the body is one. The mind is one, the spirit is one. Yet each

retains a kind of especially ridiculous individuality which makes it fun.”

~Rama, “The Electronic Tribe”, from the On the Road with Rama series

Dharma Center opened

in 1998 to offer affordable meditation and mindfulness classes to the public. In order to keep tuition low, we created a Membership program. Dharma Center Members understand the benefits of

meditation, and wish to share it with others. Their support provides the majority of our funding. Members decide on their own level of participation, and many do not live in San Diego. We are

always delighted to see Dharma Center Members at the events we host for them throughout the year. You can support us by becoming a Member either through our website.

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