Fundraiser 2017

We have a Big goal and an even Bigger Dream!

Dharma Center serves the public by providing a practice

space and offering classes in meditation and mindful self-discovery. We’ve worked in the public eye, visible and accessible to anyone and everyone who has an interest in meditation since 1998. We

are a privately-owned company dedicated to doing good and living well. So far, it’s been a wonderful and exciting ride!

We’re raising money to keep our practice space open and

reach even more people by building a new website to share the teachings. Our plan is to continue practicing meditation and self-discovery with anyone who wants to learn, both in person and via a

new subscription-based website,, which will provide access to a library of dharma talks recorded live by Isis. If enough money is raised, we would also love to see this

website developed into an app for promoting meditation & mindfulness!

To give you an example of the dharma talks that will populate the library, we’ve added pictures

to one of the MP3 files and made a YouTube video for you! Check it out at the bottom of this page.

Dharma Center exists to share the practice of meditation and mindfulness and

assist in the Awakening of those who wish to free themselves of suffering. Our meditation hall and community of members provides a refuge from the turbulent world, where students at all levels

can deepen and refine their connection to Light. As far as we know, Dharma Center is the only physical meditation hall devoted to publicly sharing teachings based on the Rama Lineage.


is with sincere gratitude all of us at Dharma Center thank you for your support!

Goal: $35,000 by April 11, 2017

Progress So Far: $ 4350
(as of


Please show your support early & often! Scroll down to check out our fundraiser gifts and ways you can contribute.

Fundraiser Fun!

We had a wonderful time celebrating of Rama’s birthday with musician and composer Milo Matthews. You can purchase his albums

from iTunes and CDBaby. We also enjoyed meditation with Eva and a lively Chinese Ribbon Dance by



The fundraiser continues until April 11th. To celebrate the close of the fundraiser, we’ll have a drawing for the t-shirt prize on April 15th during the

morning class. Please explore our Fundraiser Enticement Gifts below – including some items personally owned by Rama!

If you would like one of the enticement gifts and you want to pay

by check, please send a pledge email to Isis at so the item can be marked as sold.

If you don’t want a

gift, you can send money for our fundraiser
via PayPal in any amount you choose, with this PayPal link:

See below for Fundraiser enticements gifts,

Or visit our Membership page to become a Dharma Center Member!

Fundraiser Enticement Gifts!

All Contributors will receive an unpublished Rama Talk & be entered to win a Just Meditate t-shirt!

Although never released by Rama and not part of his official resource library, this recording has been lovingly preserved. Rama shares a wonderful and important discussion on

Buddhism; it’s possible that this recording is a pre-cursor to the Enlightenment Cycle series of talks. A link will be emailed to all contributors in April 2017

Dharma Talk by Isis

All contributions of $30 or more will receive a dharma talk on MP3 by Isis.
Be sure to include your email address to get your gift!

Use this link to PayPal, or send your contribution by check to Dharma Center

Contributions of any amount are greatly


 Check out more of our unique thank you gifts below!

If you fall in love with something,

but cannot afford the suggested price, please contact us with an offer.

Signed & Numbered Rama

Poster (framed with your choice of frame)surfingposter-52
& one year membership

We have only ONE of these! 
Surfing the Himalayas (#52)

Includes shipping within USA.
(If outside of USA, please contact first)




1997 Harley Davidson Sportster

883H Motorcyclehd883beach-w
& one year membership

Only ONE of these!

Original owner is Isis – Jenna Sundell. Only 3,746 miles! Currently in

storage and cared for by master-level Harley Davidson technician. Detachable windshield, luggage rack, saddlebags (not shown), and lots of chrome details. Obviously this price is above market

value for the fundraiser. Strong offers will be considered; contact with any questions. Bike will have a complete tune-up

before being shipped.
Includes shipping within continental US.

$9000 or make an offer



hd883-isis-otaylakes-w  hd883lajolla-w



 & one year membership

Imagine for a moment: Brocade embroidered by chanting monks in Bhutan…and in the center, Rama radiating light. YES – it’s the rare and

beautiful Rama Thangka!
For our fundraiser, AgniKala has generously donated one of the remaining Rama thangkas. This magnificent piece of art hangs above the teacher’s chair at Dharma Center.

We’ll give you the choice of the new one, or the one that has been soaking up the Light at Dharma Center.



Buddha Incense Holderbuddhaincenseholder

Enjoy this

delightful Buddha holding the light in the form of an incense cone. (New, in package)
Only 2 available!


Singing Bowlsingingbowl
and one year

Dharma Center membership

Only one available. Enjoy this beautiful detailed singing bowl that has been played at Dharma Center. Pillow included.




Handheld Prayer

 & one year Dharma Center Membership

Spread blessings through your home and aid your meditation practice by spinning this

ornate handheld prayer wheel! Only ONE available.



Ocean Sunset Painting by Jenna Sundell
& one year Dharma Center membership

Acrylic on

Canvas, this was painted by Isis in a state of samadhi. The light of deep meditation guided her hands over several sessions, and this was the result. She has no formal training as an artist, so

this is an “Isis Original” meaning it cannot be recreated. The artwork shimmers and changes depending on the angle and how the light hits it, so photos cannot capture it’s beauty. Please watch

this short video to get a glimpse of this painting, or visit Dharma Center to see it in person.


Gautama Buddha Statue


This beautiful statue of Guatama Buddha stands 12” tall. It is heavy (about

11 pounds), and made of resin. buddhastatuePurchased from Buddha’s Light Bookstore and has sat with us in sublime meditation at Dharma Center for the past two years. The statue is decorated with exquisite detail

all the way around.



Items Previously Owned by Rama!

After Rama’s passing in

1998, an auction was held that allowed Rama’s students to purchase his personal property from the estate. A Dharma Center supporter has offered these two items, the Poker Set and the Trivial

Pursuit game, from his personal collection. Although they may appear to be ordinary objects, they belonged to our Teacher and like all things he owned, the energy of Enlightenment passed through

them. We hope they find their new owner here who will appreciate them.

Poker Set

The box is done in a

beautiful burled wood and is nicely built. Beautiful set of poker chips, cards, and dice.


Trivial Pursuit Star Wars Classic Trilogy Collector

‘s Edition

This customized edition of the now-classic Q&A game designed especially for disciples of the three Ls: Luke, Lando, and Leia. With over

2,000 questions in six categories such as Weapons & Vehicles and Droids, Creatures & Aliens, all based on the first three movies in the Star Wars series, this collector’s edition features a numbered game board, pewter tokens, and–in lieu of dice–a battery-powered (two A76 cells, included) R2-D2

model which randomly displays a number with the press of his head.




Other Ways You Can Help

Every contribution of money and time is greatly appreciated. Whether or not you can purchase a ticket and/or membership, here’s a few things you can do right now to help:

  • Please share our plans with everyone and anyone you know who is interested in meditation. Perhaps there’s a long lost friend you know of, or a new friend, or a family member curious

    about meditation you can connect us with.

  • Volunteer! A fundraiser and event this big needs lots of help, as does our little meditation hall. Although we are a

    privately-owned business, we are staffed by volunteers. Please contact Hathor, our Volunteer Coordinator at to find out more.

  • Please post a link on your Twitter feed or on your Facebook timeline, or on LinkedIn, etc., or on your blog.

    Let other know how you feel about Dharma Center, Rama’s teachings, and meditation.


Here’s the video we created from an MP3 recording of class. This is just one

example of the many dharma talks that will populate the library. Enjoy!

And, here’s a quick tour of Dharma Center:

PLEASE NOTE: Dharma Center is NOT a charity. Contributions are considered private gifts and are NOT tax-deductible. We are a privately

owned, Volunteer-run organization dedicated to making your world a brighter and happier place by offering low-cost classes in meditation and mindfulness based on what we learned from Rama and his

teachings. Thank you!

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