Relationships on the Path – July 22, 2017

Saturday, July 22, 2017
2:00pm to 4:00pm

Loving a Muggle – Relationships on the Path
a Meditation Empowerment Workshop Intensive with Turīya

Treat yourself to an afternoon of transformation and give your meditation practice a boost!

You’ve found your Path, but not all those you love walk the Path with you. How do you maintain relationships with those who do not experience the magic and mystery of life the same way you do? Borrowing a term from the Harry Potter series, how do you love a Muggle and stay on the Path?

If we spend 100% of our time interacting with only people on our Path, it can be helpful in breaking down layers of conditioning and in establishing ourselves on the Path. However, if we keep ourselves cloistered in this way, it eventually becomes a prison. And let’s face it, when we do find ourselves in the unavoidable situation of talking to someone not on our Path, we get a little weird.

Relationships of every type are already a huge challenge for those who wish to explore the highest states. They can be even more challenging when your perception widens while those you love maintain a more narrow view. In this 2 hour workshop we’ll explore ways to be true to your Path and your needs while enjoying an active social life that involves both people on and off the spiritual Path. For over 21 years, Turīya has lived with her husband, a non-practitioner. Although he supports her spiritual work and pursuits, he has remained uninterested in the Path. Based on experiences with her “muggle” husband and friends, Turīya will share the practices that have allowed her to build happy and fulfilling relationships straddling the mundane and extraordinary worlds.

We can learn how to use these relationships with non-practitioners to strengthen our practice and also be a light in this world. Learn more on Saturday, July 22!

 Meditation Empowerment Workshops are 2 hour intensives designed for those who are ready to dive deep into the process of self-discovery. Through this series, Turīya will lead participants in practical techniques to improve your meditation practice and help new students develop good habits from the start. During each workshop, we’ll cover different topics and discover how to apply mindfulness skillfully to create the brightest, happiest life possible. Each workshop also includes a meditation empowerment session, to give you the energy to implement all that you learn during the class. Adults at all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners, are welcome to join us in person or via Skype to benefit from this workshop.


“The strength of the meditation done via Skype was as strong as the meditation done in person at the Dharma Centre. Distance and timezones don’t matter when you’ve got an experienced teacher to meditate with.”              ~J.P. (London, England)

“It was wonderful to attend the meditation hall via Skype. It really felt like my room was an extension of the Dharma Center for the hour. The meditation was awesome, and the talk was practical and enlightening! Thank you for having a way for people to attend no matter how far away they physically are. Namaste!” ~Brian

Dharma Center Members: $30

Non-members: $50 advance registration or $75 at the door

Participants can join in person at Dharma Center, or via Skype.
Advance registration is required for Skype access.

Dharma Center Members: $30 – at the door, or contact Turīya ( for a special link to register for Skype Access or to pay in advance.

Non-members can use the PayPal button below to register now and save $25!
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Attend in Person:

Attend in Person

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Attend via Skype

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