February 2017 Newsletter

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In case you missed it, here’s our February Practice Tip & News:

When we quiet the mind, the body knows what to do. We breathe, our hearts beat, and our body processes food all without our thoughts having to tell us

how. When it comes to playing our parts in this world, we also know what to do. However, the endless cascade of thoughts keep us trapped in ideas and interpretations that can cause us to waffle

and suffer. With consistent practice, we can remember how to listen, quiet the mind and trust ourselves.

The work I and other teachers do at Dharma Center is a prime example

of being willing to trust and act. I am amazed and thrilled we are still here after more than 18 years. Throughout this adventure, I have simply done as I’ve been told. Of course, Eternity, or

as Rama put it “The Company” doesn’t issue orders in words. Rather a directive is given through feeling, inspiration, and intuition, which when followed opens the mind to a deeper and more

profound awareness.

Even when we trust completely, it’s natural to try to understand the workings of the universe. I’ve often questioned why a disabled woman who cannot always get

dressed before noon would be given a task to run a meditation hall. I know the why’s of life are never really answered, but if I allow myself to philosophize, I think it’s because Dharma Center

was never meant to become a serious mega-empire marketing Enlightenment. (Although I will admit at times that prospect sounds exciting!) Rather Dharma Center was born to be a fun and inspiring

place where we can practice and be real with each other.

Dharma Center has gone through many shifts in the past, and we’re changing once again. For many years, we’ve used tuition as a

tool to preserve our classes as a space for people who are willing to invest in their own development. Our first 8 years of free classes taught us people who pay are much more likely to practice

on their own in between classes, so we added a small tuition. This policy has brought us an excellent group of dedicated students, some of whom have grown into wonderful teachers.

As our

world faces even more uncertainty and turbulence, we’re being moved to respond to this suffering in a big way.

We know not everyone who meditates is interested in Enlightenment; however it’s clear that everyone can benefit from the practice of meditation.

Meditation and mindfulness increases awareness, improves concentration, decreases stress, slows aging, and teaches us acceptance of ourselves and others. To help alleviate the suffering many

people are feeling, we want to share this powerful practice with anyone who is interested. Beginning February 1, our weekly classes will be Free.

We encourage those who find value in our classes to pay

what they wish to support Dharma Center, but there will no longer be a set tuition. We also hope you will bring friends who are curious about meditation so they can find balance, joy, and peace.

The weekly classes are our gift to you.

We will also continue holding a space for people who wish to dive deeper into personal development. For those who are ready to invest in their

spiritual education, we’ll offer Meditation Empowerment Workshops, as 2-hour intensives and through member-only retreats. New topics for each workshop will be posted on our website. The

workshops held at Dharma Center will have Skype access and Members will be offered a special rate for these events.

In the coming months, we’ll continue to improve our Membership program to thank the people providing the main support for our work of sharing meditation and assisting

the Awakening those who wish to free themselves from suffering.

The success of this big change depends on you. It also means our 2017 Fundraiser is even more important than ever. We hope you can attend the Rama Birthday Celebration of Light concert on February 4th, and support Dharma

Center by selecting one or more of the fabulous fundraiser gifts between now and when the fundraiser ends in April.Everyone who contributes any

amount to our fundraiser will receive an unpublished Rama talk!

Please see our fundraiser page to reserve your ticket and

how you can participate in the fundraiser. Also, no one will be turned away from the Rama Birthday celebration due to lack of funds. If you need help purchasing your ticket, please contact Isis.

Thank you for helping us share the Light for all these years!!!

Click to see this month’s calendar and our next publicly advertised power trip.

We look forward to

sitting with you soon!


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