January 2017 Newsletter

In case you missed our January 2017 newsletter & calendar email:

Happy New Year!

As we cross the threshold into a new year and begin to train ourselves to write 2017, it’s an excellent time to train our mind to see the beauty inherent in

this world. We have within us the capacity to experience deep gratitude, which unfolds into joy, which ultimately dissolves into peace. All of this is here, right now. At the bottom of this email

is a video link to a 20 second meditation technique which will help guide you to this powerful inner reservoir of limitless peace.

This video gift is a small taste of what is

waiting for you at Dharma Center when you join us for a class and meditation practice session.

In addition to our regular Saturday 11am class, there will be a special New Year’s

Eve meditation tonight with Teresa at 7:45pm to celebrate the end of 2016. 

We’re excited about the possibilities to share Light taking shape in

 2017! To kick off our 2017 fundraiser, musician and composer Milo Matthews is donating a concert! We could think of no better time than to hold it in honor of Rama

‘s birthday.

We’ll have our celebration a few days early, on Saturday February 4th at 2pm. Tickets are available now. Space on the patio is limited, so don’t wait to reserve your spot!

There will also be a class that morning and also on Rama’s actual birthday the following Thursday.

This concert is part of our fundraiser series for 2017. We’ve begun listing

enticement gifts, including a rare signed Rama poster and Isis’s Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Topics for the Melting Pot Buddhism classes and a link to the Skype access class are

listed and we’ve added a free Friday OM – Open Meditation for new students to learn about all that Dharma Center has to offer.

As of this writing, Dharma Center will finish the

year with a loss of $811. Even though we didn’t quite make our goal, I count this as a success, since we were more than $3700 short only a few months ago. 

THANK YOU to all of

you who contributed through membership dues, tuition, retreat fees, and through gifts. Because of you, we will be able to continue to shine the Light through Dharma Center. We were also able to use a portion of

the membership dues collected to support two of our favorite charities: Lions, Tigers, and Bears and the National Park Foundation.

In addition to keeping Dharma Center open, our

2017 Fundraiser will help build a subscription based website to share dharma talks by Isis with seekers around the world. A volunteer has diligently been editing talks recorded live at Dharma

Center and we’re excited to begin work on the new distribution site later this year.

We’re also looking forward to creating more opportunities to partner with Rama Meditation

Society and other Rama Lineage teachers in our quest to share the Way with other seekers as 2017 unfolds before us.

Don’t forget to reserve your ticket for the concert!

Only a few

more reminders will be sent out, as we don’t want to overload your inbox.

We look forward to sitting with you soon!


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