December 2016 Newsletter

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Take a moment right now to say Thank You to your body, Thank You to your mind, and Thank You to your spirit. Your body has carried you, your mind has ordered the world for you, and your spirit has guided you to this moment of meeting the Dharma.

In our high tech information age, there are many places where we run across the terms meditation and mindfulness. However, meeting the Dharma in a deep way is unusual, and having the will and ability to practice the Path is even more rare. This is why we call our lives a “precious human birth” even when we struggle. Recognizing our good fortune to have a life in which we have the option to explore the deeper Truth opens the door to gratitude and the blessings of seeing the world through the lens of gratitude.

When we begin to walk the Path, we do it for ourselves, to relieve our own sorrow. As we progress, we begin to realize the Path is not about us. We find ourselves taking time out to meditate each day, not just for our own peace of mind, but also for the peace that radiates through us and into the world at large. We push ourselves to be present in each moment through mindfulness, not just because it makes us feel better, but because when we live in a high bright mind state, it alleviates the suffering of those we come into contact with, even if in just a tiny way. Through our practice, we experience how BIG this thing called life really is, and how joyous it is to fully engage.

Each day, I am humbled by the wonderful support from students and members, and from the Divine that emanates through each one of us. Because of you, Dharma Center exists to assist in the Awakening of those who wish to free themselves of suffering through the practice of meditation and mindfulness.

We have not yet met our goal of breaking even this year, but I have faith that those who can will step forward to help in whatever way fits their life.

Thank you to those of you who have already renewed your Membership and who have given extra financial support and volunteer hours. I also want to give a bow of thanks to our teachers, who share their wisdom freely with everyone who seeks. You are all deeply appreciated!

Please note our Saturday and Sunday classes will begin at 11:00am, and our Thursday classes will continue to begin at 7:15pm.

We look forward to sitting with you soon!  [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]

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