November 2016 Newsletter

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Spiritual practice is not about becoming someone else. Spiritual practice is about learning who you really are; it’s about letting go of the conditioning that keeps you from

experiencing your full potential. This process of refinement takes time, but the good news is we can enjoy each step of the journey as we unfold a deeper and deeper awareness of all that we are.

At Dharma Center, we walk the Path together, exploring the new territory we find within ourselves. Much of our work is internal, as we face our personal blocks and energetic obstacles.

Having a practice group to join each week and/or each month provides motivation to keep moving forward and helps us laugh at the games the mind plays.

We’ve had some wonderful feedback

about the Weekly Dose of Light, so we will continue sending you those bites of mind candy to inspire you in between classes.

As the year winds down, I like to let you know where we are

with the accounting books. Our year of retreats was fun and empowering, however the retreats failed to generated the income we hoped. They also did not attract the abundance of new members we

expected, although we did make a few new treasured friends. These factors combined with rising expenses has us deep into the red, with a current shortfall of $3763, which does not include our

upcoming liability insurance payment and rent for the remainder of the year.

In order to preserve our 4 month cushion, I’ve put in $2148 so far this year. As many of you know, I live on a

fixed income supplemented by support from my blog ( and royalities from my books. I cannot fill the gap on my own. We need your help

now to keep our doors open.

Dharma Center is the only physical location dedicated solely to the Rama Lineage. Most of us wild-eyed teachers roam the world with private students, but a few

of us are called to sit in the open, sharing the teachings with the general public. We are not a charity, so all of our funding comes from generous benefactors like you. Please renew or become a Member today. Every dollar helps share the Light of this living lineage!

(The monthly pledge page will let you put in your own amount,

and you can choose whether or not to make it a recurring membership payment on the PayPal screen.)

If you own a business, you can claim an advertising deduction by sending your check with

a small stack of your business cards to share at the Center, and/or email me your business website after you make a PayPal payment and we’ll list it in the next monthly newsletter. Please check

out our new Business Sponsors section below!

To help keep us solvent in the future we’ll plan a fundraiser next year based around making my past dharma talks available from a subscription website, with my Harley Davidson motorcycle

and a signed Rama poster as two of the fundraiser gifts. We’re also in the final planning stages of offering an Intensive Retreat here in San Diego designed for beginners and those who want to

jump start and empower their daily practice. Stay tuned for more details.

In order to promote greater attendance, this month I’ve made an addition to the calendar: topics for my Saturday

classes are listed on the website through the remainder of the year. My dharma talks will still be spontaneous rather than a prepared

speech, and of course, each class will also offer meditation instruction and practice.

If there’s a special topic you would like to see addressed, please drop me an email. If you’re not

able to visit us in San Diego, let me know you would like it to be offered during the monthly Skype access class.

With the approach of Thanksgiving, we want to say how deeply grateful we

are for all who practice meditation and mindfulness. Through your practice, you make the world a brighter place, one person and one moment at a time.

We look forward to sitting with you





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