September 2016 Newsletter

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Change is unavoidable. On the Path of self-discovery, we welcome change because every transformation

allows us a new view, and an expansion of awareness beyond the limits of the current self. When things in our world change, the tendency is for us to clamp down on what we have and cling to it

out of fear and uncertainty. As practitioners, we can instead observe this tendency and then consciously open up to the new adventures life presents to us.

Change can be a gradual process,

or it can come all at once. This month at Dharma Center, we have both types of change happening.

As some of you may already know, for some time Lakshmi has been concentrating on building

her own business, where she can share her wisdom and techniques independently of Dharma Center in a more fluid manner. As she becomes more involved with Integrated Meditation Studies, she will

focus less on Dharma Center. Fortunately for us, she will continue to teach her monthly class for now. Please read more about Lakshmi’s new ventures on her website.

Here at Dharma Center, September will bring a sudden schedule change and the birth of #randomOM.

We’ll have a new class on

Tuesday evenings, where Ros will offer her Guided Healing Meditation. We’ll also start evening classes at 7:15pm and Saturdays at 11:15am. This extra 15 minutes will make it easier for people to

get to class after work during the week and after yoga at nearby studios on Saturdays. Our monthly class with Hathor and the Volunteer meeting will be now offered in tandem at a new time,

beginning at 1:30pm for class and the volunteer meeting at 2:35pm.

These new times were at the request of our students. If there’s a time or day that works best for you, please let us

know. It’s challenging to meditate in this busy crowded world, and we want to make it as simple as possible for you to join us.

To learn about #randomOM, please see our announcement below

the calendar, and also note the last call for the desert in our Membership section.



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