May 2016 Newsletter & Tip

In case you missed the May newsletter, you can read it here.

This is the Tip for May from Isis:

Balance is such a delicate thing. In an ever-changing world,

balance cannot be maintained by standing still. Unless we want to constantly be doing the proverbial face-plant, we have to roll and flow with the shifting landscape of human experience.

The ego loves continuity, and it will work very hard to create the illusion that everything is the same today as it was yesterday. However, all of life is in flux, so sooner or later,

we notice that things are not the same. This realization can feel like the rug has been pulled out from under us. Sometimes we notice the change is external in the form of our friends, family or

environment, while other times we notice it’s we who have changed. 

Often the first response is to lock down and grasp for any bit of control we can. We try to put our space back

into the order we know, or we try to convince our friend she is just having a bad day and she should act like her old self. When it’s we who have changed, we attempt to return to old patterns in

the hopes we can set ourselves straight. Because nothing ever stays static, these approaches always lead us to misery. 

There is another option. By

applying our practices of meditation and mindfulness, we can stop the cascade of thoughts and rest in the present moment. From this quiet space we can become acquainted with this new, unfamiliar

reality. As we open to the change and embrace the new adventure, we’ll find it’s much easier to adapt to whatever life has in store for us. And, we may even enjoy the ride!


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