April 2016 Monthly Newsletter

In case you missed this month’s newsletter, you can read it here.

Here’s April’s Monthly Tip:

When the unexpected happens, our body and mind react. If we’ve been training in our practice, then we know to stop, take a breath and act from the

heart. This burst of energy that arises when faced with uncertainty can be used to elevate our consciousness, or it can drown us in doubt and fear. It all depends on how we direct the


When we embrace Light, we feel happy, peaceful, open,

and we tend to focus on solutions rather than problems. If there’s nothing we can do in the moment, then this energy can be directed into creative expression while we wait for the time when

direct action is appropriate. In our modern, fast-paced world, this is not always a popular choice.

Many people are caught up in the fear projected by the media, which they internalize and customize to their specific issues and then fight in their

own private battleground. The best thing, really the only thing, we can do for those lost in lower mind states is to be steadfast in our own practice. We can be a living example of what it means

to embrace and choose Light.

While private, individual

practice is essential, the Path becomes easier and more joyful when we gather together to practice. In the smiles of our brothers and sisters in the Sangha, we recognize the Light shining into

this world.

In addition to attending classes at Dharma Center this month, you can join us via telephone. Through partnership with the Rama

Meditation Society, two Dharma Center teachers will be offering free teleconferences. Please see the newsletter for details on how to participate.

You are also invited to step out of the world and experience the

relaxation, rejuvenation, and re-connection of a meditation Retreat. The deadline to register for the Arches National Park Retreat is approaching; see the newsletter for details about Membership and our upcoming


We look forward to sitting with you soon!
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