Rama Thangka – You can get one!

If you attended the Sweet 16 Unity Celebration, or if you’ve been to Dharma Center lately, you’ve seen the

beautiful Rama Thangka. Now you can have one in your own meditation area!


Imagine for a moment: Brocade embroidered by chanting monks in Bhutan…and in the center, Rama radiating light. YES – it’s the rare and beautiful

Rama Thangka! There are more pictures on our Sweet 16 Unity Experiences pages, but the pictures

do not do it justice. You can also see one on display at Dharma Center.

Only 13 of the embroidered frames remain; don’t wait, order yours today.

Not only will you enjoy the beautiful Rama Thangka, and you’ll be helping with 2 great causes!

  1.  Mention Dharma Center and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to

    our meditation hall.

  2. The proceeds from the Thangka sales will be used towards creating a visually stunning 3-D Rama meditation movie!

AgniKala and the folks from The Network Tribe have already brought us amazing meditation videos on YouTube. Now they want to take it a step further by working with the same software used for

the Avatar movie to create a virtual 3-D Rama offering teachings. The plan is to have the movie finished in time for the next Rama birthday celebration. They need your help make this happen;

please place your order for your very own gorgeous Rama Thangka today!

For more information, contact AgniKala directly at AgniKala@gmail.com

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