Volunteer Kick Off Meeting

Join us for our Volunteer Program Kick Off Meeting!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

1pm   — meeting & meditation
2pm to 4pm — interviews & cleaning

We need your help to spread Light! All things grow from the attention placed upon them. Focus your attention on a thought, and it grows into an entire

train of thoughts. By focusing the mind on gratitude or the beauty of a tree or whatever beautiful thing you have in front of you; everything changes. The mind rises into states of happiness,

peace, and unity. In these higher mind states, we are inspired to share, to give. Volunteering at Dharma Center gives you the opportunity to perform selfless service and to open your mind to

inexplicable joy.

Can’t make the

meeting? You can still volunteer! Please contact the Volunteer

Coordinator via email: Volunteer@DharmaCenter.com

to learn more.

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